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Call Answering Services

Never miss a business enquiry again...

Why Choose Paragon...

Founded in 2018 by sales trainer and author Rob Spence, Paragon Sales Solutions with one purpose in mind; to help businesses to see an increase in their sales.

Paragon Sales Solutions are a team of highly trained and experienced in customer service skills, ensuring your telephone calls are answered quickly, and in a professional and friendly manner.


Why Call Answering...

Every business needs a functional and operation telephone number to accept incoming enquiries.

However, what happens if you are too busy to pick up the phone? What happens if you miss an enquiry?

Our team are on hand to pick up your telephone calls, take messages and book appointments on your behalf, so you never miss an enquiry ever again.

How Paragon Operates...

When choosing to work with us, our team will work proactively to onboard with your company. We have to live and breathe your company, and we have to swiftly become an extension of your team.
Once these foundations are built, we will ensure we adhere to your chosen tonality and brand image so that we are just an extension of your team.
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Never Miss a Call

For many business owners, a missed telephone call could be a missed business opportunity. A missed sale.

Our expert customer service team are on hand to answer your telephone calls so that you never miss an enquiry, and so that your next potential customer feels well looked after from the second they pick up the phone to you.

If you are an active business owner that is on the go, and worried about missing business calls then our services will ensure you never miss a phone call again.

Hosted Telephone Numbers

For some, seeing a mobile number listed on a company website or social media page can be off-putting.

Paragon Sales Solutions are able to order and host telephone numbers from any area code, which you can then advertise on any of your marketing materials.
This gives you and your business a more professional image.
We can then either forward those calls direct to your mobile, or answer them on your behalf.
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"We needed a call handling service to provide the customer with a great start to their journey using our services. We were told about Paragon Sales Solutions by another business colleague and their professional attitude helps us to display great customer service to our clients, and we have received amazing feedback. "
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