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Why Choose Paragon...

Founded in 2018 by sales trainer and author Rob Spence, Paragon Sales Solutions has been joined by telemarketing experts with years of telemarketing and telesales experience.

We are the leaders in sales, and we know what it takes to set up and implement a telemarketing campaign that generates results.

We have worked on countless amounts of telemarketing campaigns, around the world, and worked with businesses from an array of backgrounds.


Why Telemarketing...

The telephone is still the most disruptive form of marketing there is; we can all ignore an email, or a social media message, however it can be tough to ignore a ringing phone.
Beyond that, a telephone is a very efficient and effective way of discovering a prospects pain points and developing a business relationship that is built to last.
Telemarketing is a vital task for generating leads, nurturing leads and cleansing databases.

How Paragon Operates...

When choosing to work with us, our team will work proactively to onboard with your company. We have to live and breathe your company, and we have to swiftly become an extension of your team.
Once these foundations are built, our expert telemarketing team can implement a campaign that generates results. This is backed up by our superior communication and reporting so you know exactly how well the telemarketing campaign is performing.
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A Bespoke Service

When choosing to work with us, you can rest assured that we will tailor our telemarketing services around you and your business.

We have decades of joint experience within telemarketing and telesales. We have found the best way to generate positive results is by tailoring our approach to each campaign.

That’s why we always say we are more than just a telemarketing company. We are your outsourced sales team.

Results You Can Trust

Our years of experience, training and practice have allowed us to create proven methods and techniques which means we are very effective in what we do.

We want you and your team to focus on hot prospect, and by using our skill set we can feed into your current systems perfectly.

We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency, and we take client communication very seriously. Our telemarketing campaigns are backed up with full reporting systems, full call recordings and full communication with the individuals making calls on your behalf.

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Types of Telemarketing Campaigns


Lead Generation

Your business needs qualified interest in your products and services. Our team are experts in delivering qualified leads for you to convert into new business.


Market Research

Discover what your customers want. We will design and implement a bespoke and effective market research campaign allowing you and your business to make efficient decisions.


Appointment Setting

As experts in generating B2B leads and converting them into appointments with key decision-makers, we can support you and your in house sales team by allowing you to focus your efforts on converting deals.


Data Cleansing

Data cleansing involves the Paragon Sales Solutions team getting in touch with your prospect base and asking specific questions that will allow you to create effective sales and marketing campaigns in the future.


Lead/Event Follow Up

Attended an event, or set up your own, and compiled a list of people you want to follow up with? Save yourself the time and allow our experts to do it for you.


Customer Surveys

Find out what your customers and clients truly think of your service by allowing Paragon Sales Solutions to conduct telephone surveys on your behalf.

Telemarketing FAQs

With years of telemarketing and telesales experience, our team truly know what it takes to drive your bookings, appointments, leads and sales forward…

Telemarketing is a fantastic way of targetting key decision makers within a company, uncovering their pain points and propagating a strong working relationship. This can then benefit you in two main ways: we can then pass this information on to your sales team and leave them prepared to close the sale. Beyond that, we can provide up to date information that is vital for long-term marketing campaigns.

It doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, or which sector you are targetting, telemarketing is the most efficient way of arousing interest in your business.

Our minimum term of engagement is only an 8-hour day; thus meaning you are never tied into any long-term agreements.

We do offer competitive pricing for longer term campaigns and there will be an agreement drafted up at this stage. However, with our clear and upfront pricing policy you will never be left with any unexpected bills or invoices.

Telemarketing works much better when everyone knows their roles, and everyone is clear on goals and KPIs.

We excel in client communication and reporting, and you can expect direct communication with the individual/s who are making your calls, a weekly breakdown of calls made and other KPIs, a monthly report, and full access to our calling records also.

We are very transparent with our services, so you can always rest assured that your time is being well invested.

All of our calls are recorded and you can request these at any stage of working with us.

In fact, we encourage it. This way, we can gain feedback on the calls and adapt and evolve should we need to.

Whilst being onboarded with us, we will work closely with you to understand who your target audience is.

This can equate to business sectors, sizes, geographical locations, age of business and much more.

Beyond that, we can also offer advice on whom within a business we should switch our primary focus to.

If you have acquired databases or client information in accordance with GDPR guidelines then we can most certainly work from those lists.

If not, we can source GDPR-compliant data that matches your target audience.

No problem at all; we have been setting up telemarketing and telesales campaigns for over a combined total of 30 years and we certainly know that it can be very in-depth. Be sure to use our contact details located at the bottom of the page and our team can answer any questions you may have.

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