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Why Choose Paragon...

Founded in 2018 by sales trainer and author Rob Spence, Paragon Sales Solutions has been joined by sales and marketing experts with years of experience and proven results.

We are the leaders in sales, and we know what it takes to set up and implement solid lead generation campaigns that generate results.

We have worked on countless amounts of lead generation campaigns, around the world, and worked with businesses from an array of backgrounds.


Why Lead Generation...

You, your business and sales team needs leads; without them, your sales pipeline will look bleak, and you will have few deals to close.
We do that leg-work for you. We work hard to generate leads, qualify them, and hand them over to you and your team. 
By utilising an array of methods, we ensure we hunt high and low for leads that will want to do business with you, so all you have to do is focus on closing the sale further down the line.

How Paragon Operates...

When choosing to work with us, our team will work proactively to onboard with your company. We have to live and breathe your company, and we have to swiftly become an extension of your team.
Once these foundations are built, our expert lead generation team can implement a campaign that generates results. This is backed up by our superior communication and reporting, so you know exactly how well the lead generation campaign is performing.
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A Bespoke Service

When choosing to work with us, we spend a lot of time getting to know you, your business, your goals and your target audience.

By doing so, we can plan, strategise and create a lead generation campaign that is design to succeed.
Using our skills, knowledge, experience and expertise we will then implement a campaign and ensure leads are delivered to you in a way that suits you and your business needs.

Results You Can Trust

Our years of experience, training and practice have allowed us to create proven methods and techniques which means we are very effective in what we do.

We want you and your team to focus on hot prospects, and by using our skill set, we can feed into your current systems perfectly.

We are here to deliver quality results, time after time.

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Types of Lead Generation Campaigns



Your business needs qualified interest in your products and services. Our team are experts in delivering qualified leads for you to convert into new business by using our skills on the telephone. 



Our digital experts will utilise the latest technology on the most popular social media platforms to peak interest, and to gather leads of people whom want to buy from you.


Hybrid Campaigns

Sometimes, we need to set up lead generation campaigns that utilise an array of services; this includes following up with leads and nurturing them until they become hot and ready to buy.

Lead Generation FAQs

With years of sales and lead generation experience, our team truly know what it takes to drive your bookings, appointments, leads and sales forward…

Absolutely, we have delivered both B2B leads and B2C leads.

The way in which we set up campaigns for both sectors does differ and we will communicate this with you every step of the way.

Fundamentally, leads will be emailed directly to you in real time so that you can make contact with them immediately.

If you would like us to add them direct into your CRM system or existing databases we can look to do this also.

It does depend a lot on the type of campaign we have set up (either through telemarketing or digitally).

Through our telemarketing teams, you could well see leads on day one.

Digitally, you should expect to see leads within the first 30 days minimum.

We can most certainly look to book leads in for appointments with you or your team.

We can do this via direct links to your calendars/diaries or via third-party solutions. We can help and advice the set up on this at the start of the campaign.

How hot a lead is depends quite a lot on what kind of campaign we have set up for you.

We can work with you to ensure we deliver leads of a calibre that suits you.

If you want a lead that is quite fresh and raw, with no nurturing, we can do this. If you would like a lead that has been followed up with, nurtured, and is eager to buy from you then we can do this too.

No problem at all; we have been setting up sales campaigns for over a combined total of 30 years and we certainly know that it can be very in-depth. Be sure to use our contact details located at the bottom of the page and our team can answer any questions you may have.

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