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Why Choose Paragon...

Founded in 2018 by sales trainer and author Rob Spence, Paragon Sales Solutions has been joined by telemarketing experts with years of telemarketing and telesales experience.

We are the leaders in sales, and we know what it takes to set up and implement a telemarketing campaign that generates results.

We have worked on countless amounts of telemarketing campaigns, around the world, and worked with businesses from an array of backgrounds.


Why Facebook Ads...

No matter your industry or target background, there is a high chance your next customer is on Facebook.
Every year, Facebook makes around $60 billion from advertising, which means people do react to adverts!
Furthermore, there are roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users on the platform, meaning it can be very rich for finding customers.  
Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, utilising Facebook Ads is a fantastic way of marketing your products and services, and the team here at Paragon Sales Solutions know how to set up effective Facebook Ad campaigns that bring in a fantastic, positive return.

How Paragon Operates...

When choosing to work with us, our team will work proactively to onboard with your company. We have to live and breathe your company, and we have to swiftly become an extension of your team.
Once these foundations are built, our expert digital marketing team can implement a campaign that generates results. This is backed up by our superior communication and reporting, so you know exactly how well the Facebook Ads campaign is performing.
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A Bespoke Service

Like many of our services, we tailor our approach to Facebook Ads differently for each and every client.

Sure, we always use our experience, knowledge, passion and expertise to formulate our strategies, however we will always tailor our approach for you and your business.
Not only will we work closely with you to set up and create the advert, we will work on the targetting and remain transparent and communicate with you clearly throughout the entire campaign.

What You Can Expect

Our years of experience, training and practice have allowed us to create proven methods and techniques, which means we are very effective in advertising through social media.

Our social media advertising services will allow you to reach your target audience effectively, create brand awareness, attract more customers, and can also help you to generate leads. 

Whether advertising on social media is new to you, or whether you have tried it before (with, or without success), rest assured that when working with Paragon Sales Solutions, our team will make social media advertising refreshing, and very rewarding.



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Our Facebook Advertising Services Can Be Perfectly Paired With Our Social Media Marketing Services...

Facebook Ads FAQs

With years of experience with social media and Facebook Ads, our team truly know what it takes to drive your bookings, appointments, leads and sales forward…

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook which means your next customer could be scrolling through their news feed as you read this.

Beyond this, Facebook holds over 52,000 data points on each person that uses its platform. This means we can break down the targetting finely and find your next customer quite effectively. 

We have created, implemented, and delivered Facebook advertising campaigns for a whole range of sectors and industries with great success and we believe that social media advertising as a whole should be towards the top of any business’ sales & marketing strategy.

We are very open and honest with our pricing and will always make you aware of any terms and conditions before signing up to our services.

Our Facebook Ads services come with a three-month contract, as this gives us the optimum time to create, test, implement and deliver results.

We excel in client communication and reporting, and you can expect direct communication with our team.

We are very transparent with our services, so you can always rest assured that your time  and money is being well invested.

Of course they are!

Facebook is by far one of the most diverse social media platforms available, and is host to users from a wealth of backgrounds and all kinds of demographics.

Whether you are selling and marketing business to business, or business to consumer, you can rest assured with the amount of data points Facebook has on each individual that we will be able to hunt down your demographic.

From Managing Directors, to The Smiths whom live next door; Facebook has got access to them all.

No problem at all; we have been setting up Facebook and social media advertising campaigns for years, and we certainly know that it can be very in-depth. Be sure to use our contact details located at the bottom of the page and our team can answer any questions you may have.

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We have helped thousands of businesses with their sales and marketing since 2018…

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