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The Paragon Mindset

Rob Spence’s second book, The Paragon Mindset was published back in 2018 just at the time Paragon Sales Solutions was formed.

The Paragon Mindset has gone on to earn five-star reviews on Amazon and has become a ‘must have’ for sales professionals around the globe.

A Month to Improve Your Sales

Published in 2020, a Month to Improve Your Sales was written as a straight to the point, straight talking sales book to help business owners and sales professionals to improve their sales techniques and skills in 30 days or less and has earned rave reviews from Amazon readers and other platforms.

Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling was Rob Spence’s first published book and was the catalyst for Paragon Sales Solutions.

The popularity and demand for this book skyrocketed Rob’s sales training demand and  subsequently Paragon Sales Solutions was born. 

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Relationship Selling

We are all Sales People.

No matter what line of work you are in, you
are a sales person. Every single day, you will need to sell yourself and convince others you deserve to be treated better. Whether you are going for a job interview, asking for a pay rise from your boss, or even going on a romantic date; you have to persuade others to give you what you truly deserve.

Relationship Selling is a straight talking guide on how to become a better you, how to increase your sales, how to build and develop strong business and personal relationships, and how to get more from each and every single day.

The Paragon Mindset

Attitude, belief and mindset are all attributes that separate the average sales people from the elite.

Having a strong sales team is what separates a surviving enterprise from a thriving business. No matter your current approach to sales, The Paragon Mindset is the book that will help you to not only sell more, but will also help you to achieve more.

Filled with solid advice, techniques and sales boosting skill sets, The Paragon Mindset is the book to help you to increase your sales.

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A Month to Improve Your Sales

Learning to sell successfully does not have to be complicated. A Month to Improve Your Sales is a sales guide like no other.

With a simple and easy to read chapter for every day of the month, this book will give you all the hints, tips, support and advice to help you to sell more. Whether you are a business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur or sole-trader; this book is the only book you need to help you to improve your sales. Successful sales trainer and consultant Robert Spence has put together 31 chapters all designed to make you think outside of the box, whilst giving you up to date knowledge and ideas to help you improve your sales!

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