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Outsourced Sales Set Up

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Outsourced Sales Set Up

The more information, the better!
What do you do? Why do you do it? What stands you apart? What is your USP? Who do you target? etc
What are we promoting? Why have you engaged with us?
Why would someone choose to work with you? What benefits would they recieve through working with you?
What type of client should we expect to be talking to? What problems would they have? What size of business?
Why would someone choose to work with you over another business?
What steps do you usually follow to sell to new clients? Have you got a track record of success? Different approaches that have worked in the past?
Do we need to collect card details? Send over Account Forms? Pass over to another member of the team?
This could be a number of clients signed, revenue generated, etc. What would you say is the key peformance indicator?
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