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Always Taking but Never Giving | Fourth Deadly Sin

Always taking

No one-sided relationship ever works! This applies to all types of relationships, but most importantly business ones. You will know from growing up the more chores you do around the house the more rewards you’ll get in return. This is key in networking; the more advice you offer in the group the more help and engagement you will gain in return, it’s a form of trust building.

Being a part of an online networking group it is very quickly noticed when an individual always appears to only be interested in getting their own needs met. This can come across as desperate and suggest that you are very self involved, which experienced networkers will spot a mile off.

This will result in the connections you do make to become low quality, bringing down your social presence and the effectiveness networking has for you.

It is easy to brush off a request for help from someone in your network, when we get carried away with our own busy lives. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes to make when networking, by not replying to others within the group highlights selfish behaviour on your behalf.

Don’t over think it and take the wrong approach to these requests because they are in actual fact very easy to fulfil. You don’t have to give a ten thousand word essay on all the ways in which you can help that person! By just offering a few simple ideas and referring to people you know that could be of use will go a long way and in fact will bring more benefits your way. Even sharing their question with your own followers so that it has more chance of being resolved for that person.

On the other hand, if you honestly cannot offer any help, simply state that you don’t have any ideas or useful connections that will resolve that persons queries. Honesty is the best way to show when forming relationships as it builds trust between the both of you. It’s as simple as, treating your fellow net-workers how you wish to be treated, if you don’t give any value you won’t get any back. When you get into the habit of helping others when they’ve helped you, this will increase the quality of the connections you make. The more that people see what field you can help in, the closer you will become to being the go to person for that topic. Also each time you help someone not only will it strengthen your relationships with your followers but it will gain views to your profile and your business, steadily generating you leads in a way which hasn’t caused you to sell tediously!

So next time you see someone seeking some form of advice or help within any of the networking groups you join, be sure to take the time to help out where possible. Sure, this could take 3/5/10 minutes of your time, however in doing so you could open up the door to new opportunities and new conversations.

If you’re enjoying finding out about how to network more effectively then make sure you watch the video that coincides this blog below!


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