Leicestershire Business Network Group Partners with FindaBiz for Speed Networking Event

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In the heart of the thriving business community of Leicestershire, an exciting event is about to unfold that promises to revolutionise traditional networking. The Leicestershire Business Network Group is joining forces with FindaBiz to present a dynamic Speed Networking Event on Friday 22nd September. Set against the backdrop of the esteemed University of Leicester – School of Business, this event is poised to redefine networking as we know it.

Networking events have long been the cornerstone of professional growth, offering the chance to make meaningful connections, forge partnerships, and uncover opportunities. However, the traditional format often left attendees struggling to make a lasting impression in a sea of business cards. Enter the Leicestershire Business Network Group and FindaBiz’s game-changing approach – Speed Networking with a twist.

Fast-Paced Connections

The Speed Networking Event dares you to distill your business essence into a one-minute pitch. It’s a thrilling challenge that propels you beyond the comfort of your usual spiel, compelling you to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression. With business cards at the ready, you’ll have the opportunity to make an impact, create curiosity, and ensure your venture lingers in the minds of potential partners and clients alike.

Unearth Opportunities

This event is not just another date on the calendar. Limited tickets are available, and they’re your golden ticket to a room filled with possibility. Seize this opportunity to mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and innovators. Forge connections that transcend the event, building a network poised to support your business journey long into the future.

Where Business Meets Innovation

The event’s setting at the University of Leicester – School of Business adds an aura of innovation and academic excellence. Surrounded by an environment that nurtures creativity and progressive thinking, your networking experience is bound to be enriched. The backdrop of academia serves as a reminder that growth stems from curiosity, collaboration, and the willingness to embrace new perspectives.

More Than Networking

As you engage in these high-velocity connections, the aroma of rich, invigorating coffee will envelop the air. Representatives from Nespresso will be on-site, providing an opportunity to not only connect over ideas but also indulge in their exceptional hot beverages. Sip on the finest brews as you exchange insights, leaving your taste buds as satisfied as your business aspirations.

Ready, Set, Network!

Mark your calendar for September 22nd, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM, as a pivotal moment in your business journey. The Leicestershire Business Network Group and FindaBiz’s Speed Networking Event at the University of Leicester – School of Business promises a symphony of energetic connections, inspiring conversations, and doors yet to swing open.

Secure your limited ticket today – a gateway to an event that’s poised to reshape your networking experience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking collaborations, a professional on the hunt for fresh ideas, or a business leader ready to expand horizons, this event offers the platform to showcase your potential in just sixty seconds.

Embrace the challenge, relish the connections, and set your sights on a networking experience that’s anything but ordinary. The clock is ticking – are you ready to make your mark?

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