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Not Showing Appreciation | 7th Deadly Sin


Is there anything more disheartening than feeling unappreciated?

Let’s be honest there is nothing worse than making an effort for somebody for it to go unnoticed/ unappreciated. This is a very important factor within your relationships with people no matter who they are and what relevance they have to you. This applies in networking too!

Networking is a place for alike business owners and entrepreneurs to converse, build relationships and offer and receive advice and services. In reality, when somebody gives us something we say thank you or make a thankful gesture don’t we? So why is this any different when networking? It’s not! Just because the purpose of the group is to help one another, does not mean that everyone has to help you, it also takes time and effort out of peoples day to do so. To ignore their generous act of kindness would be extremely rude and they would definitely notice it and won’t be in a rush to help you again, weakening your connections and relationships with people.

When forming new relationships with new people, the first thing they will notice is your manners, so it would be an amateur mistake to make. A thank you can be shown in many ways and can go a long way, whether this is simply saying thank you, returning a favour or recommending them to your fellow followers. If you are to be unappreciative in this environment it will have a huge impact on networking’s effectiveness for you and your business. Your priority when networking should be to make a good impression with people as these are people that could potentially have an influence on your future career. If people see that you don’t appreciate there hard work this can damage your and your businesses reputation, possibly risking decreasing your sales rates rather than increasing them!

When people go out of their way to help you improve, shows that they like you and want to maintain a good relationship with you. This implies they are interested in working with you at some point in the future, so you should be doing all you can to show them that you are a good strong individual to work with. By showing appreciation you are proving to that person that you have good work ethic and they will be influenced to want to help you again in the future.

It may sound obvious to some, however we can easily forget the simple foundations of a good functioning relationship. So next time somebody does something generous to benefit you don’t let it go unnoticed! Comment or message back, re-post their advice or social page or maybe even offer to do something for them in return. This will strengthen your relationship with people in the networking group on and offline, why would you want to miss out on this opportunity?

To find out more on the importance of showing appreciation in networking watch the video below!


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