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3 Attractions Of Using SEO to Support Your Sales Team

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In this article, we will explore the beauty of a fantastic marketing tool – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process by which a website gets to climb higher on rankings for searches made by users.

Here, we are making the distinction between marketing and sales, as interpreted by the team at Marketing Voice. In particular, marketing can be seen as the setup to the actual sale.

To elaborate, consider this situation: you have taken steps to bring a customer to your doorsteps. Generally, these steps that you have taken are under the realm of your marketing. From here on, making the customer buy something signifies the sale.

As you can imagine, there are multiple tools and strategies to bring that customer to your doorstep. And, depending on your business and style, different strategies might have a different impact on your marketing efforts.

Related to what we are discussing here, if you are a service, where your trade or industry is not traditionally found on the high street, then this article will be of interest to you.

The Questions We Will Tackle

We will try to answer:

  • Are you confused about how you can meet and find potential customers? Most likely, you are too busy for marketing. So, we are going to direct you towards a strategy where you don’t need to be always out there, shouting above the noise to be seen.
  • Can you make your marketing effective 24/7? Ideally, whenever the customer is looking for your services, you are always visible.

Both these questions are effectively tackled by SEO, especially Google SEO. Here are 3 ways how:

1. Credibility

Think back to the last time you used Google for a service. 

For instance, you may have searched on Google to find a plumber or a bathroom tiles supplier.

Even without thinking about it, you would have certain feelings about the 1st few listings on page 1. Most probably, you expect a better service from the top results, some level of reputability, and all in all some form of credibility, just because that is what you expect of Google.

Under the same search, what would you expect from search results on later pages? How about a website listed on page 7?

We can guess that you would expect these listings to be cheaper, in line with your service expectations.

So, the bottom line is, you need to apply the same mentality to your own business.

If you are all about building that credibility, you need to be on page 1, preferably top 3.

However, if you want to compete over price, keep in mind that you will have multiple other competitors. In fact, chances are that at least a few of them will be even cheaper than you and you might not be able to fully utilise the benefits of SEO.

Instead, if you intend to be the best in what you do, even at a geographical or niche level, you need to be at the top. In more extreme cases, being the best is not just an option, but the only vital way to stay in business.

For instance, if you are looking for a court of protection solicitor for a family member that is vulnerable, you would rather have the best, instead of going to page 3 or 4.

2. Lead Creation 24/7

The option to search on Google is out there 24/7, no matter what the day.

It doesn’t stop working for you on a holiday or even a pandemic.

However, as you can imagine, you need to know what your clients are searching for – commonly known as keywords.

Here, there are tools that can make your life easier. In particular, we tend to use Keyword Keg.

In addition, doing so will also allow you to determine if a keyword is worth the investment of time, effort, and money. Also, do your calculations of what each successful lead is worth to you.

For instance, one of our clients, The Wedding Help, is a Yorkshire-based wedding planner. And, as you can imagine, even closing one sale per month pays off for all the money that needs to be spent on SEO. 

But, the thing to remember here is that your website content really needs to click with your target audience. So, no matter what, you need to be saying the right things and giving the right backing to the people that may be interested in your services. To be more specific, we suggest you understand their pain points and go about answering how you will be solving these pain points. To get further advice here, get in touch with Paragon Sales Solutions.

3. Branding

It may come out as a surprise to you but not every business invests in SEO to make more sales.

Essentially, this is true for a lot of marketing for some big companies. For instance, Coca Cola doesn’t necessarily need to put on hoardings to boost sales or Apple doesn’t need to spend a billion dollars on their every new launch. But, at this point, we expect them to do so. Spending money on their marketing is a matter of pride and, more importantly, branding.

Same is the case with SEO now.

In particular, big businesses spend money on SEO to come higher up on searches, not because they need the sales but that is what’s expected of them. To test this, do a little search for ‘pizza near me’. Along with some local options, you will always see the bigger names, e.g. Domino’s and Pizza Hut, competing for the top spots.

Similarly, do a search for ‘clothing brands near me’ and chances are that you will not find Primark anywhere on the 1st couple of pages. It simply doesn’t fit their branding to come out trumps on Google searches.

So, the simple question to answer is: how do you want to be perceived.

And, more importantly, what kind of sales are you pursuing.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

This article has been written in collaboration with SEO Agency London – Marketing Voice.

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