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3 Tips to help you Cold Call

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Cold calling is still by far one of the best tasks you can do to speak to your next customer, and to sell. 

But let’s face it; cold calling can be nerve wrecking. It can also be very tough!

However if done right, it is a truly profitable activity that can help elevate your business to the next level.

Over the years, myself and the entire Paragon Sales Solutions team have made tens of thousands of sales calls; a lot of these being cold calls. And from all of this experience we have come to learn about the things that work, and the things that don’t work.

In this short article, allow us to share with you our top three tips to help you to sell more.

Focus on the Client

It is all too easy to call someone up, and start to pitch your product or service straight away. But what is this going to do? It will only push the other person away.

So instead of picking the phone up, and making someone’s ear bleed by talking over them with your elevator or sales pitch, why not just shut up and listen for a bit?

If you use a cold call as a conversation starter, and a way to engage the other person on the other end of the phone you will see a bigger increase in conversions down the line.

Make the phone call about your client. Discover their pain points, learn about their challenges. And then from there, you will know exactly what to pitch.


Don’t be tempted to sit there and read from a script. The person on the other end of the phone can pick up on this and will understand you are just a robot with no personality or knowledge and will hang up on you.

Instead, why not just note down that key things you need to say? Or the key questions you need to ask?

That way, you have a rough guideline, or a rough road map on where the conversation needs to go without sounding like Phoebe in that episode of Friends.

Don’t try to Sell

So, you watched the Wolf of Wall Street. And from now on, you are going to close high ticket deals just over the phone. Well done!

But let me give you a reality check; this RARELY happens!

The chances of you ever selling something to someone on the very first phone call is slim. Very slim.

The first phone call should be more about trying to engage with your prospect, learning about their pain points, and developing a relationship – not trying to jump into bed with them after knowing them for five minutes.

So be patient. Use the cold call as a tool in a multi-pronged sales process and don’t be bogged down into too much pressure to sell on that very first call!

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