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A ‘No’ isn’t a ‘No’ Forever….

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Sales is a funny industry right?

There is so much pressure put on the sale, that as a function of any business model, sales can come across as a real tough industry. Sales make or break a company. No business will ever succeed without sales; and I guess that is why sometimes it can feel like you are under pressure to succeed.

But what if you do not get the sale, for whatever reason. What if the prospect actually tells you “no”? Perhaps you have been developing a relationship for months with a prospective customer. You have got to know the customer and understood their needs. You have taken a lot of time to listen to them and to get to know what makes them tick. You have presented to them the solution you feel is best to solve their problem. For all intents and purposes what you propose is incredible – a truly incredible offer. Affordable too for many a budget.

But your prospect just does not buy from you.

So you question the prospect. You ask them why. You make sure you have understood everything correctly, and you have double checked that you have offered the best possible solution to their problem. But still, you do not get the sale.

It is very easy in this situation to throw your toys out of the pram. Many sales professionals and business owners at this stage can display a whole array of emotions. From anger, embarrassment, jealousy, sadness and maybe even fear.

The problem that can then occur is the sales professional can take out these emotions on the prospective customer, or can allow them the chance to pick up upon these emotions.

And that is a very bad thing indeed.

You see, just because your prospect has said ‘no’ now, does not mean that it is a ‘no’ forever.

There will be a chance to pitch your product or service again at a later date. There will be a chance for you to try again in a couple of weeks time, a couple of months time or even some few years down the line. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain your relationship with your prospective customer and be there ready to help them out all over again whenever they are ready to buy, or when they get let down by your competitor.

If you spit out your dummy and slag off the competition, or show in anyway that you are upset or angry at the prospective customer’s decision then you are never going to get the sale ever again. All of the hard work put in to the sale thus far will be a waste and you will lose your chance of ever getting it back in the future.

Everyone gets a second chance in sales. Whether that be with the primary prospect, or from any potential referrals or recommendations in the future that they may give to you. Do you think you are going to get any recommendations in the future if you make a name for yourself as being a sore loser? Or an emotional rollercoaster?

Here’s something to try out. Next time you lose out on a sale, initially thank your prospect for all of their time and thank them for the opportunity. Keep yourself open for any further advice they may need in the coming weeks. Then, in a couple of months down the line engage them in conversation again to make sure everything has worked out well. Show that you care. Show an interest in your prospective customers needs. Remain as open and available to them as you were when you were chasing the sale.

I guarantee in doing this, the minute your prospective customer needs you again they will turn to you.

Remain humble. Remain grateful. Most of all, remain available and willing to help even when there is no sign of an immediate reward. Good things come to those who wait.

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