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Local Business Owner Has Third Book Published

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Every business needs sales to succeed. But learning to sell can be quite tricky, nerve-wrecking and tough; however one local business man is aiming to make the art of sales ever so easy.

Robert Spence, the Managing Director of Paragon Sales Solutions and World Renowned sales trainer has just published his long anticipated third book, A Month to Improve Your Sales.

“Selling is a skill that some are born with, and some are not, however I am a strong believer in the fact that in order to sell well, you must learn, practice and revise your skills,” Robert tells us.

“Following the success of my previous two sales guides, I realised there was space in the market for a book that would help people day by day, step by step, and chapter by chapter. That is why I spent so long working on A Month to Improve Your Sales; I wanted to ensure that every word would provide value to the reader.”

“The book has been written for anyone who wants to see an increase in their sales; whether it be a business owner, an entrepreneur, a sole trader or even a sales professional. I have every faith that anyone reading this book will see an increase in their sales if they put into practice what is written within these 31 chapters.”

Looking at Robert’s credentials, it is clear to see that his passion and dedication towards ethical selling techniques are second to none, and with his previous two books earning rave reviews, A Month to Improve Your Sales is sure to become a hit within the business world and beyond.

A Month to Improve Your Sales is available to purchase from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Paragon Sales Solutions are Leicester’s leading sales consultants, offering:

– Sales Contracts

– Sales Training

– Social Media Management

– B2B Telesales / Telemarketing

We cater for any size business, and what makes us stand out is that we truly care. Our services can be catered for your business and our sales professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your sales targets are met. Be sure to visit our website for more details on how our sales solutions can help your business. 

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