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Avoiding face t face

Good strong relationships don’t happen just through a screen. We can’t expect people to like us and want to build a strong relationship with us if they never have the opportunity to meet us face to face. Building a relationship can be done online, however this won’t be a strong relationship or one that will last. Avoiding meeting people in real life gives off a negative ideology to the other person that you aren’t truly interested in creating a good relationship with them, soon others will pick up on this too and begin to ignore you too.

That is why it is so important to try to attend as many face to face networking events as you possibly can.

When joining a networking group you are signing up to meet new likewise people that you can converse with to build a strong relationship with in order to support one another’s business queries. If you are avoiding face to face events this will only have a negative impact on the effectiveness of networking for you.

When you meet these people in real life it becomes a more efficient way of networking as you can make more progress in one meeting than you can in weeks of online messaging. It allows you to gain immediate feedback rather than waiting days and sometimes even weeks for a reply and it helps you to better understand one another. It is always difficult to know what tone of voice to digest someones messages in, always having some scale of risk of taking it the wrong way and potentially responding with a hasty reaction. Where as networking face to face takes any opportunity for misunderstanding away. When you have physical conversations with people it enables you to get your personality across better, cultivating a more genuine relationship.

It’s not good for your mental health to constantly be active online and to always turn down the chance to meet these people you interact with everyday, in person.

Attending a physical networking event is refreshing! Not only does it give you the chance to re-discover your love for business but it revitalises your mental attitude towards it and helps you return to your office with a more determined mind set and clearer vision. Scrubbing up on your communication skills will massively improve your overall confidence. As you can imagine, spending endless hours in front of our screens weakens our sociable skills which can impact the way you run your business, hold meetings and generally hold conversations. This could lead to negative feedback left by your clients, which we want to avoid at all costs.

When networking with the Leicestershire Business Networking Group, it is our number one priority to accommodate for everyone attending and make the events as welcoming as possible. There is no need to hesitate about attending one of our events in-case of it being dull and boring, they are the complete opposite, if a random member of the public was to pass by they would assume it was some sort of celebration or a casual gathering of friends. We like to make sure that the events are as fun and relaxed as possible to encourage people to be themselves and speak to people they wouldn’t naturally approach.

So if you are a part of any online networking group be sure to look out for the chance to network physically and face to face; it could really help you to develop strong relationships and help you to really develop your business even further.

Do you want to see a video that further explains the benefits of face to face networking and the impacts it has if you avoid it ? Be sure to check out the video below!


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