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Not Engaging With Your Fellow Networking Members | The Second Deadly Sin


They say the key to relationships is communication. This can be said for personal and romantic relationships, but business relationships too. Both in the physical and virtual world, the more you engage with others and the more you start and take part of communications, the more people will engage back with you; and this is where strong relationships are built.

When being a part of an online networking group, it is vital to make sure you are engaging with fellow members posts whether that’s, liking, commenting or sharing other peoples posts.

This shows you have strong social presence and gets people aware of who you are and makes them interested in what you do. Always keeping on top of your engagement will give off a positive image of your personality, showing you as a supportive business owner.

Networking groups are all about offering advice and building relationships, so that as a result of this, they see you as someone that they can rely on and interact with.  

We could talk for a while about the algorithms that sit behind the social media channels. We all know that these platforms reward users whom create the most content and engage the most. However this is not what this article is about. This article is more about the human interaction that comes with engaging with others; but that being said, playing the algorithms is something you should also consider!

If you stop engaging with other members of the group, your social presence will gradually disappear leading to people forgetting about you and what you do. When you don’t engage this is a form of ignorance, therefore, it will create a negative impression of you in your networking group.

Engaging gives you the opportunity to express what kind of person you are and what you are mainly interested in, giving everyone else an insight into whether you would be a good connection for them.   

Here are some simple tips that you can include within your daily social media habits to help you engage with others within a business networking group:

  • Spend five minutes actually scrolling through business networking groups before posting.

When you show regular engagement, this proves to the other person that you are friendly, increasing your popularity rates with the algorithm. Not only this, but it will help you get into a healthy habit of engaging on an regular basis, maintaining that positive and active social presence.

  • Make it genuine.

You cant just comment any old irrelevant message, you need to show the person whose post I is that you have taken the time an effort to read and acknowledge the post, making them view you as someone who is appreciative.

  • And finally, take it to the real world.

Don’t be afraid to mention any recent achievements or celebrations that people have posted about the next time you see them in real life, this can go a very long way and develop your relationship even further.

If you would like to learn more about the effectiveness of staying consistent with your online engagement, be sure to watch the video below.


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