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Captivate Your Audience

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Get your prospects attention, and KEEP IT!

Ever listen to someone waffle on to the extent where you faze out and start thinking about what you have planned for dinner?

Ever heard of the Cocktail Party Phenomenon? You have more than likely experienced it without even knowing it. You will be at a party in a crowded room having a conversation with someone when suddenly from the other side of the room you hear your name mentioned in conversation. You then carry on listening to that other conversation and lose the chain of the original conversation you were having.

This phenomenon occurs because us humans cannot process two conversations at once. But it got me thinking; how can we grab the attention of those we are talking to, and how do we keep it?

A lot of early sales training centered around the AIDA principle; Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. If you cannot captivate your audience, you will fail to firstly grab the Attention of your prospect, getting your prospects Interest and then develop their Interest in your business or service. Don’t get caught out!

Get In Early

My attention span is about 3 seconds long, however according to Microsoft the average person starts to lose interest after 8 seconds. Not long at all is it? Keep your message short, keep it to the point and do not waste your prospects valuable time with idol chit chat or blurred facts. Get to the point.

Stop Talking About Yourself

Quit telling your prospect about your business and your life. They do not care. Talk to your prospect about THEIR problems and ask them questions to figure out how you can work together. Only talk about your brand and your services when it is relevant to their problems.

Focus On One Thing

This world is getting cluttered with information. We are surrounded by adverts, technology and distractions. Just like the Cocktail Party Phenomenon scenario above; don’t allow your message to get lost in a crowded room.

Don’t Be A Bore

Have some fun for gods sake. You are a human being right? Not a machine. No matter what you are saying, no matter what message you are portraying, be sure to make it enjoyable. Don’t become known for your boring Powerpoint presentations and your yawn inducing pitches. Make people smile – you will be remembered for that.

Keep It Intimate

It doesn’t matter if you are talking with one person, or presenting to 100 people. Keep it personal. Have a conversation with your audience and refrain from talking at your audience. Once again you will only push them away and lose focus. A good conversation will be remembered well above a spoken word.

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