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One term that is really cropping up in the business world is ‘customer experience’. Ultimately, your customers buying experience is the journey your customer takes to finally buy from you. We all know that this can be crucial; and yet so many people and business still make it terribly difficult for their customers to buy.

Amazon have worked very hard at making the customers experience as smooth and as straight forward as possible. All I have to do is to walk into a room now and say ‘Hey Alexa; order me a razor.’ Low and behold the next day there is a razor waiting on my doorstep ready to be used. Amazon have made it so straight forward and simple for me to buy from them that I would be a fool to not want to enjoy the experience.

This could, on a side note, be one of the many reasons why shopping on the high street is dying a slow death. Why should a customer drive to the high street, fight over car-parking that is also not cheap, to walk to the shop and to then carry large bags and items back to the car to then have to drive home? Why do all that when I can make that same purchase from my bath tub!?

All of this is truly important to note when trying to sell anything, or when operating a business. Are you doing everything in your power to make sure that your customers can buy from you in the most straight forward and simplest way possible? Do you make it fun for people to buy from you?

The last thing you want to see happen is to do all of the hard work, for your customer to be put off at the final stages of the transaction, and to go to a competitor whom makes it simple to buy.

Here is another horror story for you. I know of a business who urge their customers to fill in around 5 pages of complicated, ugly and boring paperwork to set up an account. Now, do not get me wrong; the need for proper applications to be filled out and for the right information to be filled out is clearly a very important matter when you look at a transaction from an operational sense. However, put yourself in your customer’s shoes; if you want to buy ANYTHING, do you want to spend half an hour to fill in unnecessary paperwork? And how would you feel if that paperwork was sent back to you because it was filled in slightly incorrectly?

Of course you wouldn’t. So, don’t allow your customers to go through this same pain.

So, what can you do? As a sales person, or a business owner, what can you do to ensure that your customer experience, or journey, is smooth and if possible, fun?!

Firstly, speak to your customers old and new. Ask them for their feedback and ensure you are matching all of their expectations. And do not be afraid to ask them about their customer experience. After all, it is your customers who drive your business forward.

And always put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you want to buy from you? Would you enjoy the current customer experience that your business is offering?

If you need help or support in ensuring that your customer’s journey and experience is unrivalled or would like some general advice as to what you can do to ensure smooth transactions, be sure to get in touch. Our team have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help your business to grow!

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