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Don’t Ever Stop Studying

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Sales is an industry that requires continued professional development. And yet it is very rarely provided on a big scale, or encouraged by businesses. Which is a massive shame; sales is one of the best skills you can have to help grow or develop a business and yet so few invest in any sort of development.

Working in sales is just like working in any other industry; if you do not work on your skills, upgrade your skills, or learn new techniques then you will only be left behind. Working in sales is truly fast paced and is perhaps one of the only careers left in the world where you need no formal training. You can leave school and the very next day get a job in sales – which is a truly remarkable thing.

However, if you do not study sales you will soon find your career failing at the first hurdle.

Investing in personal development need not be too expensive either. Think of it as an investment in your future.

When I started my sales career, I did not see the need to study. I felt I knew it all. But how wrong was I!? I picked up a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People and read it in just a couple of days. I returned to work feeling motivated, invigorated and ready to sell! Low and behold, my sales figures increased. I was starting to get noticed for my sales ability and willingness to succeed.

So, I went out and bought another sales book. And then another. And then another one. Before you knew it, my bookcase was filled with sales, marketing and business books all filled with ideas, skills and tips to help me sell more! I became obsessed. But with each one, my sales increased further and further and each book made a return on investment that I was proud to boast.

Even now, I still study. I still pick up sales guides of old and new to find out the gems written within them.

Don’t like to read? Audiobooks, webinars, podcasts, vlogs and seminars are other great tools to help you develop your sales skills even further.

The point to this article is this: Do not ever stop studying. You may feel like you know it all, but believe me, you don’t. You may feel that it is cheesy, or ‘uncool’ to study. Well let me tell you something; do you think it is coincidence that the worlds largest homes all boast libraries filled with books?

Studying does not have to come with a certificate or a medal. Studying is the simple act of picking up a book.

Get out there and put it to the test for yourself. Study, and see how quickly your sales increase.

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