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Don’t Over Rely on LinkedIn

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Ahhh, LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn was first launched back in 2003, business owners, sales professionals and the like have used the platform day in, and day out, to search for jobs, new business, and to ultimately find people to sell to.
Of course, this has led to the professional social media platform to become very popular. Too popular in my eyes.

You see, there is a growing trend of sales people and business owners who think of LinkedIn as their Bible. As their saviour. As their messiah. And they have started to over-rely on it far too often.

And quite recently, this was proven.

On January 14th, users from all around the world started to report that the platform was down, with many complaining they could not log in, post, or comment. This led to people panicking and I for one saw dozens of people complaining about it and worrying about it on other social media platforms.

And this completely underlines my point.

If you are over relying on LinkedIn then over time you will struggle!

I am not here to slag LinkedIn off. Over all, it is a fairly decent social media platform. I do believe however that it is over used, and too many people think it is far better than what it is, but it is a fairly useful tool.

Whenever you sell, or seek out new business, you need to use a whole armoury of weapons to help you to prospect and to sell. You need to use social selling, cold calling, face to face selling, direct mail amongst other tools. If you over rely on just one of these tools then you are putting all of your eggs into one basket and you will only hit a wall eventually.

What would happen if the internet went down? What would you do if phone lines went down? What would you do if there was a postal strike? What would happen if fuel was rationed? If any of these things were to happen you would have to quickly change tact. And that is why it is so important to spread your marketing and your sales out to ensure a wide reach.

So should you stop using LinkedIn? NO!

Should you stop believing that the platform is the god of B2B sales? YES!!

LinkedIn is an effective tool; and one of the many tools you need to rely on to help you to sell more!

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