Giving Up Too Quickly| 6th Deadly Sin

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Just like starting anything new, your end goal doesn’t happen over night, it requires time and effort. This is very important when networking; to achieve your goals of working with certain business owners, growing your business and widening your knowledge, this won’t happen within the first message or at the first event.

Consistency is key, the more you nurture something and work at it, the stronger it becomes right?

Networking is all about developing trusting relationships with new people, and we all know building trust takes a while! It is similar to wanting to gain or loose weight, this is a goal many of us have and wish that it could be done overnight. To change our body weight, requires determination and consistency in multiple areas, such as diet, mentality and working out. Something we all struggle finding the motivation for but why? Because all of these things will be tremendously beneficial to us in the long run and make us a stronger individual. The same with networking, if we don’t see an improvement in our businesses success rates in the first week or so, our interests in networking weaken. This is the opposite to what you should be doing, DO NOT give up!

We believe and encourage the idea that nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible. The only thing that’s stopping you achieving your business dreams is YOU. If you gave up on everything easily what will you ever achieve and learn in life? Networking takes time to show the benefits but this does not mean they wont appear!

A little tip that we’ve found useful for staying consistent with networking is, set yourself small goals to achieve each day. Whether that is to connect with 12 people that day or to start a conversation with at least 2 people that day. No matter how big or small these goals are it keeps you active and developing your networking presence and the effectiveness it will have for you. If you achieve one of these goals everyday, in year that’s 365 positive steps you’ve made I networking that you hadn’t before!

Staying consistent shows strength and determination, both things that will look very appealing to other businesses and maybe even inspire others to do the same. Networking is all about supporting one another and helping where we can and encouraging each other to stay determined is key. This won’t just help you by getting more leads and building your businesses success rates, it will also show you as a dedicated and generous individual. This will improve your companies development in it’s self by creating positive awareness of your business, meaning more people will be willing to trust you as there go to company in that field.

So don’t be afraid to be in networking for the long-term; the more time and patience you dedicate the more tangible results you will see.

Are you wanting to find out a little bit more about why to stay consistent with networking? Well then click on the video below!

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