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We are thrilled to announce that our Managing Director, Rob Spence, has been appointed the amazing position of a “champion” within the KOI Sports international “Power of 5” Network.

Who are KOI Sports? –

KOI Sports CIC are registered as a UK Community Interest Company, they are limited by guarantee and regulated by the British Government to make sure that all of our assets are locked and 100% of our profits are invested to better the communities in which we serve 

KOI sports were established in 2018 and ever since have been investing heavily in initiatives aimed to create a sustainable and thriving British Grassroots Sports sector. They strive for a sector in which is inclusive, safe, affordable and accessible for all.

KOI Sports commit to employing British ex-Military personnel to Sales and Administrative roles within our organisation. This is their way of showing support to those who have bravely served our country but now find themselves struggling to rejoin society.

As Well as they’re usual investments, KOI Sports also donate 2% of every “sale” to local charities regarding Corporate Social Responsibilities.

What are ‘The Power of 5’ ? –

The ‘Power of 5’ is essentially KOI Sports’ initiative that is made up of 5 positions in which includes Ambassadors, Role Models and Champions. The purpose of these 5 positions is that they deliver financial investment for Grassroots Sports and a positive change for local Communities.

These fantastic 5 positions play a huge part in raising the profile of our work to sustain, grow and enhance Grassroots Sports in the UK and abroad. The factor that separates KOI Sports apart from others is their pledge to consistently repay their efforts by working to support & deliver on their own objectives and aims.

Rob joins the “Power of 5” –

KOI Sports recognised Rob’s extensive experience and knowledge and explained that his deep understanding of what it takes to be a true sales professional and his time spent researching the Sales profession is what makes him a valuable Champion.

Rob’s Comment –

When Rob was asked to comment on his appointment of Champion, Rob said “I’m really pleased! I’m looking forward to bringing my vast experience of working within the commercial sector to benefit KOI Sports Communities”

It is such brilliant news for both Rob himself and Paragon Sales Solutions that Rob has become a Champion as this offers a wide variety of fantastic opportunities for the business.

Not to mention, it all works towards an amazing cause with the end goal being to improve our local community which we all know Rob has always been very passionate about, along with the whole team here at Paragon Sales Solutions.

Keep your eyes peeled for some wonderful projects coming very soon alongside Rob’s journey with KOI Sports.

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