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How to Get More Sales from Facebook

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Facebook is great for prospecting for new business. And for making sales! And yes, that includes the B2B sector too.

Sure, when thinking about ‘social selling’ and looking to prospect and to sell to B2B online you may automatically think of LinkedIn, or even Twitter as the platforms you want to spend a lot of time on. However Facebook is a tool all of us sales people and business owners should be using more of.

There are 1.49 billion users accessing Facebook daily, and a new user being added every six seconds; it truly is a platform that can really work wonders for your business. And don’t forget, even the business to business sector is dominated by human beings, individuals. People that do business frequent Facebook too don’t forget.

I wanted to share with you a really simple tip to help you to increase your sales and conversion rate when using Facebook. And to help me to get my point across, it will be good to share a story with you.

As many of you are, I am part of plenty of Facebook business groups. You know, the virtual kind of business networks that allow you to seek recommendations, look for support, and to generally network online. In one of these group, from time to time I see this same chap advertising his services; he offers a commission only debt collecting agency for unpaid invoices etc. Now this is a service that many small businesses will require. On each and every single time he has posted out his advert (which is quite a nice advert might I add), I have commented that I would be interested and have asked for him to contact me. On each and every single occasion, I have had a response back to my comment asking for ME to send him a PM. Each time I have not done that, and each time I have had no contact from him.

What we can see here is someone who is clearly prospecting and looking for more business, but for some reason or another is forgetting his role as a sales person; to push the sale along. I have given this guy buying signals, asked him to contact me, and had nothing in response.

He isn’t the only one; I see it far too often. Even in my personal space on Facebook, I see people seeking recommendations for a certain service, and then an individual replying with their contact details in the hope that contact will be made.

Here is my advice to you; if you ever get into a situation where you see someone in need of your services on Facebook, or any other social media platform for that matter, do not leave it to your prospect to contact you. Make contact with them first. Go the extra mile; send them a message, send them an email, call them if you have to; if you truly want the business, if you truly want the sale, then get out there and get it!

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