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Never give up after one follow up!

It happens so often; many business owners and sales professionals will only send one follow up to a prospect, never hear back, and then give up.

Here’s a scenario. You meet someone that has shown an interest in your product or service. You have a meeting to understand their needs. You then send them over a proposal or quote with your prices and offerings; but you never hear back.

Be honest – would you follow up with this prospect? Or will you follow up with this prospect?

How would you feel if I told that 44% of all sales people give up after the first point of contact?

And, how would you feel if I were to tell you that 80% of all sales occur after the fifth follow up?

Let that sink in for a moment;

80% of all sales occur after five points of contact, and yet only around half of us are only following up more than once?

That means that there is a massive scope for us to keep following up with our prospects and to keep asking for the sale.

Put simply – keep following until you hear a definite ‘no!’.

Sure, it can become quite demoralising and embarrassing when we keep trying to follow up with someone who does not come back to you. But you have to remember, your product or service may not be your prospects biggest priority right now! They may have a million and one things to do or deal with – your product or service, although could be life changing, may be at the bottom of their to do list. So be patient, show empathy and be there for when they need you.

Try mixing up your method of contact too. If your emails are not being answered, try picking up the phone. If your phone calls aren’t being answered, try popping in to see your prospect in person.

Right now, we are bombarded with messages from people wanting to sell to us; but many of these people are just a flash in the pan and soon disappear. But if you can show to your prospect that you do care, and that you do want their business, you may find that more and more people want to talk to you!

So, give it a try. Do not give up with your prospect until you they tell you a clear no, and by no means give up trying to contact your prospect until you have contacted them at least ten times!

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