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How to Overcome the ‘I Need to Think About it’ Objection

How to overcome I need to think about it

 I’ll think about it.

Four words that can make every sales person want to cry. And you know what? We have all heard it. We have all spent hours, days, weeks, sometimes months working on a prospect, understanding their needs, developing rapport and when it comes to closing the sales they turn around and say ‘I need to think about it’.

The ‘I need to think about it’ objection is perhaps one of the most popular and common objections you are ever going to hear within business and within sales, and I want to share with you the best tips on how to overcome the I need to think about it objection.

It can be very easy to hear these words and walk away from the sale. But what if I told you that with just some hard work and questioning techniques, you have a high chance of turning this objection around and getting the sale?

Ask For The Next Steps

When hearing the ‘I need to think about it’ objection, it can be very easy to hear this and leave the power in your prospects hands. However, by requesting the next steps allows you the chance to regain control of the conversation and will give you a chance to understand what it is you need to do next to try to obtain the sales.

“I fully understand, So I am clear, what do you feel we should do next? Should I look to follow up, or would you like me to close the file for now?”

A simple statement such as this will allow you the chance to understand what it is your prospect is saying, and will help you to make decisions on what you need to do next to finally obtain the sale.

Set the Ground Rules

As when asking for the next steps, by asserting the ground rules will allow you the chance to bring the power back to you, and will help you to be quite direct with your prospect.

“Of course! If I don’t hear back from you by [date], what should I do?”

This may seem very direct for many, however in doing so will allow you the chance to uncover plenty of information that will allow you to either follow up, or move on from this sale opportunity.

Make Assumptions and Overcome 

Normally, the ‘I need to think about it’ objection comes from your prospect because they might have doubts about whatever it is you are selling. So why not take those concerns to them and see what they open to.

“Yes of course. Most of our clients need to think about this, and quite rightly so. Just so I know, are you worried about the implementation, cost or have I not quite explained something else?”

This will allow you the chance to remain quiet, and soak up whatever it is your prospect has concerns over. There may be issues that you can address there and then, or there could be issues you can look to resolve in the long term. However, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Fundamentally, you have to remember that as a sales person, and I am including business owners in this, you are going to hear the ‘I need to think about it’ objection. However, if you are not going to question this, and to ensure you are understanding your prospects needs then you will never be able to overcome this objection.

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