Are You Passionate About What You Sell?


Trying to sell a product or service can seem like a very scary and daunting task. For many, the word ‘sales’ can put people off and stop them from doing what they need to do to generate business.

What’s harder, is trying to sell a product or service when you have no passion for it. When there is no excitement around the product or service, how can you expect your potential customer to feel any kind of passion or excitement and what is there to build their desire to a state where they want to buy from you.

This is a problem that I have personally worked with a lot of clients on; in particular when it comes to the sales pitch.

If there was one thing to take away from this article, it would be that passion sells. Excitement sells. Being passionate about your product or service is one simple way for you to increase your sales and generate a following far greater than what you could ever set out to achieve.

When refining clients sales pitches, presentations and even pieces of sales copy (written words designed to sell), I look out for multiple elements to gauge the effectiveness of that pitch or copy. Firstly, of course the content needs to be spot on. The content needs to build desire, provide information, hit various trigger points and ask for a sale. But we can talk about that another time. I also look out for a key element.


You can have the greatest content writer script out the world’s finest sales script, but without being passionate about it, you are not going to get anywhere. You can also have the world’s best product that everyone will LOVE to get their hands on; but if you cannot display passion and excitement, then you will not get anywhere fast.

So what do I mean when I talk about ‘being passionate’? We can break this down into elements such as tone of voice, pitch of voice, choice or wording, body language and even at times the pace in which you deliver your pitch.

Tone of voice is so important when it comes to presenting. You can speak two of the very same scripts, but with a dull, dreary, slow, and monotone voice, it will only send people to sleep…

“Hi. This is Rob, I need to talk to Barry about his current portfolio.” Try to imagine that being spoken by a tortoise, or even Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. Now try this:

“Hi. This is Rob, I need to talk to Barry about his current portfolio.” But this time, read it out in a more excited tone. Speed up the pace, up the pitch slightly and perhaps, keeping on the Theme of Winnie The Pooh, read it as if you are Tigger!

If you are not excited and passionate about what you are selling, you will not get anywhere fast. It is time you tried your product out and figured out all of the benefits for yourself. Or, listen to all of your customer testimonials to see how what is is you are offering has changed lives. From there, you will soon be able find the excitement that your customer wants to hear!

No one wants to be put in front of someone boring, cold and dull! They want to talk to someone with passion, with excitement and dare I say it; a bit of drama!

Give it a try for yourself. Become a little more extroverted when it comes to presenting your sales opportunity. Be excited.

Above all; be passionate!

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