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6 Ways to Remain Healthy as a Business Owner

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The day to day running of your business can certainly take its toll on small business owners like you and I.

We all know that overall health and wellbeing is vitally important for our employees, colleagues and team members; it increases productivity, improves team performance, and also helps to reduce absenteeism. That is why you try hard to take care of your colleagues; you want to support them as best you can and get the most out of them.

But who is there to support you? Who is there to help you ensure your health is being looked after? After all – if your health and wellbeing is being looked after then surely your productivity and performance will increase too, right?

In this article, allow us to share with you our top SIX tips to help you maintain your health and wellbeing and to stay on top of your business.


 This is by far the most crucial step we can provide for you. If you can set goals in your business life, then your overall health and wellbeing will be in good hands.

When we talk about goals, we are not just talking about 5-year plans, or viable financial goals. The setting of daily, and perhaps hourly goals will help you to remain productive and on top of your work schedule. You see, many business owners feel very guilty when they stop working. However, if you work non-stop in that manner, you will only end up on a treadmill that has no end in sight and no planned resting point – and this is where the problems for many business owners can start to occur.

There is an important difference between being busy and being productive. The latter is far the better option in any working environment, and the same should be said for your business too.

In terms of setting goals, keep them noted, realistic, achievable and set to a time deadline. For example; ‘I will finish the sales report by 11am’ works perfectly well.

Goals can help you stay on track, focused and will certainly stop certain distractions getting in your way from time to time.

What is your ‘Why?’

 You set up your business for a reason. You have certain hobbies for valid reasons. The same can be said as to why you want to remain healthy and encourage a healthy well-being in your life. It does not matter what your why is, as long as you have on and you can remind yourself of that.

Perhaps you want to remain healthy for your family; place a photo of your family on your desk, somewhere prominent and every time you feel yourself being dragged along on a never-ending work schedule you will remember your why!

 Keep Active

 Exercise is so crucial to remain healthy! We all know the added benefits to our lives with exercise; increased blood flow and more oxygen in our systems add to better ways of working.

Many business owners feel like they do not have time to exercise but let me tell you now; you do!

If you set your daily goals well, and schedule time accordingly as we mentioned above, you can squeeze in exercise time.

You do not have to run a marathon every single day or smash out 100 sit ups a day. A qucik 30-minute walk, jog, cycle or quick body weight exercise circuit can make all of the difference.

Many business owners tell us that exercise doesn’t just help to make them feel less tired and increase productivity, but it can help to clear their head of stress too.

 Keep Hydrated

 Just a 5% drop in our body’s fluid levels can lead to a drop of 25 to 35% in energy levels!

Even when we feel hungry, for many of us, that is our bodies way of encouraging us to eat to suck out the water that is located in food sources.

Keep a 2l bottle of water on your desk and ensure to set your daily goals to consume this daily; this will allow you to work to your best performance!

Eat Well

 We could write a whole article on the need for the right nutrients, and what you need to keep your body, mind and soul empty; but let’s move on from that for now…

Instead, focus on eating without distractions. Use your lunch time as a time in which you turn your phone off, ignore all distractions and focus on being in the now. You will find that in doing so you will return to your desk more focused and even feeling fuller!


 Look after yourself otherwise things can go very wrong. What happens to your business if you took time off from work due to overworking or burn out?
As we mentioned earlier, we can feel guilty that we are taking time away from the business, but you need to sleep, rest, and recover to operate at your best possible levels.

Think of yourself like your computer. Your computer can only run for so long with different programs running, different tabs open and running loads of operations before it starts to slow down, lag and sometimes crash. And what do you do when this happens? You switch it off and on again. Try doing this in your personal life too and see just how more effective you will be when you awake feeling refreshed and invigorated.


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