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Overcoming the Biggest Sales Objection


There is no denying it; whenever you try to sell anything, you are always going to hear an objection.

It is very rare for any salesperson, no matter how good they are, how experienced they are or how prepared they are, to walk into a room, ask for the sale and the contract be signed there and then. As sales people we must be ready to answer any objection that is sent our way and perhaps, if possible, be well rehearsed to overcome any objection that comes our way.

So what objections do you normally hear?

“I need to speak to my partner.”

“I need time to think about it.”

“Can we revisit it next month?”

“I just don’t have the fund right now.”

Any of those sound familiar? There are so many objections that you may hear, and if you have read The Paragon Mindset, you will know my five foundation objections that we all need to know to overcome. However, there is one objection that is the key objection that holds them altogether.

There is one objection that by far is the most common and perhaps the objection that is hidden behind other objections.


We are talking about a lack of trust.

Without trust in a sales process, you will never win the sale. It is as simple of that. And at times, many people will say they “need to think about it” or that they “don’t have the money” when really, they just don’t trust you, or they do not believe the product or service is right for them.

That is why it is so important early on in the sales process to earn trust with your prospect and to develop a relationship that is unbeatable.

So how do you do this?

Don’t worry, I am not advising anyone to start randomly doing trust falls in the middle of a client meeting (although that would be one way to break the ice that’s for sure!) However, you need to show a willingness to help and support someone to build trust. Think of it this way; how did you learn to trust your partner, or even your friends? They were honest, always on time, acted out on things whenever they said they would, and they were always there for you.

That is no different to how you should be with your prospect.

If you lie to your prospect, turn up late looking like a scruff, fail to send over a proposal on time and never answer their calls, are they going to trust you? Probably not. And if they cannot trust you, then why should they trust that the product or service you are selling is going to be any good?

So – as a sales professional or business owner always look to develop a sense of trust with your prospect. Don’t force it, and do not come across fake. Be the best possible person you can be, and you will develop your trust with your prospect much faster than you would imagine.

And then, when it comes to pitching your product or service and asking for the sale you will find that people will be more than willing to give you a punt.

Remember; people buy from people. You are the true representation of your product, your service and your business. Develop the trust, act with integrity, and I guarantee you will see more sales coming through!


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