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Sales Book Review: Selling 101, Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar is perhaps one of the worlds most known, famous, and successful sales trainers of our time, and Selling 101 is the perfect book to not only learn from the master, but also gives some hints and teasers into Ziglars full works.

Selling 101 makes it to number nine in our top ten of sales books because although small, it is packed FULL of some incredibly useful hints, tips and advice to help you to sell more. And when we say small, we mean it. The book can conveniently fit into the palm of your hand (or laptop bag!) and is only 100 pages long. For us, this is crucial as it is straight to the point, with no batting about with useless information.

In Selling 101, Ziglar runs through some incredible sales lessons all brought together by his own sales experiences and this book will show you to:

Work smarter, not harder in your sales career.

Move beyond customer service to customer satisfaction.

Identify the need and how your product or service can fill it.

Sell by design, not chance.

Close more sales more often.

Gain control of your time and life.

Polish your skills as a professional persuader.

Overcome sales call reluctance.

To be fair, Selling 101 could potentially have come ranked better simply due to the fact it is concentrated full of sales goodness! This book is crucial for anyone looking to see an increase in their sales!

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