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Stick to your Word.


Whenever we train people in sales, we talk a lot about the whole mindset of a good sales person. Sure, some may argue that to sell is a skill – and yes, that is correct. To sell, and to sell well, you do have to have a whole toolbox full of skills, but you do also have to have a strong mindset to back up the skills. The mindset is the attitude and the motivation to sell to a high standard.

In our latest Sales Snippet, we spoke about the reasons why you should always stick to your word. If you have yet to watch it, do be sure to click here or you can take the time to read this awesome article.

One of the key fundamentals of sales is trust. If your customer trusts you, and can rely on you then the whole sales process becomes a hell of a lot easier. You don’t have to be a cold hard ‘closer’ if there is enough trust developed before and during the sales process. You see, we always like to buy from people we like. You always turn to the same shops to do your weekly shop, you always use the same hairdresser and you always rely on the same brand of cleaning products because you TRUST them and trust they can perform to a high standard. The trust we develop can create a solid lasting relationship that can turn just one sale into multiple sales.

One way to develop a strong business relationships is to always stick to your word. By that, I simply mean to always follow through on what you say. It does not matter how big or small your statement; you must be sure to follow through on what you say.

This develops trust early on. Plus, if you can prove to your prospect that you will stick to your word, then they will know that everything else you are pitching and trying to sell is trustworthy too!

So, for example; if you tell a prospect you are going to call them back on Tuesday at 10am, then you had better be sure to do that! Or if you say you are going to send a quote by 5pm, be sure to send that by 5pm. If you tell your prospect you will do ANYTHING, be sure to follow up on it!

It is in these early stages in which you can truly prove to your prospect that you mean what you say, and that you will always follow through on what you say.

One of the biggest reasons people buy is trust. By proving to people that they can trust what you say then the whole sales process becomes much easier.

So next time you say you are going to do something; do it! These small foundations will soon lead to a bigger wall of trust!

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