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The Marketing Blueprint – Jules Marcoux | Rob’s Best Business Books

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We all know that reading, studying and digesting information is so important when running a business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or even if you own your own business or not; if you truly want to succeed and enhance your skills you need to keep studying.

Our whole team here at Paragon Sales Solutions truly recommend reading books as a fantastic way to do this, and that is why we have started this new series called Rob’s Best Business Books, a collection of book reviews on our favourite business books.

We have conducted a series before that focussed solely on sales books and guides (we called it the Quarantine Sales Book Club) and this time around we are extending this out to business books of every variety; from autobiographies, to mindset books, to self-help guides and even motivational reads – all of these books have been included as we believe these books will help you to enhance your business skills.

To start, we are covering The Marketing Blueprint by Jules Marcoux.

Jules Marcoux is a young entrepreneur, come musician, come author and this book was published in 2015 following his successes within business and marketing.

His passion for marketing and entrepreneurship started as a young child and his excitement for marketing continues throughout the entire book.

The book itself is a nice, simple, short and concise read; with less than 200 pages, it is packed FULL of marketing tips, advice and experience that you can quite easily implement into your business.

The book covers everything a good marketer should need to know about including branding, creativity, sales and marketing meetings, avoiding discounting, customer satisfaction, niche marketing, planning and much much more.

Not only is it a simple read, but the fact that it is full of great advice and true-life stories really make it one of those books that you could devour in just one, or maybe two sittings, and yet feel that the book is well worth the investment.

The Marketing Blueprint states that it contains lessons to market and sell anything – and we kind of have to agree with that statement!

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