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What is better; selling B2B, or B2C?

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Is there truly a difference selling B2B and selling B2C?

What I find truly frustrating in the business world is the constant obsession of trying to create a divide between B2B and B2C sales processes.

Sure, selling to a business does involve slightly different processes and ideologies to selling direct to a consumer, however do the fundamental basics differ?

It is easy to forget the fact that the behind every business, and every consumer is a human being. A human being that has feelings, emotions, thoughts, and desires just like you and I.

Sure, any one can understand that when selling to a business you might be faced with several supply chains, and perhaps a whole long drawn out sales cycle with multiple decision makers. But each and every single one of these decision makers are human beings.

The same can be said for when selling to the ‘consumer’. No two ‘consumers’ are the same hence why it is important us sales people communicate thoroughly.

So whenever you are selling, and no matter what you are selling, why don’t you remember the fact you will always be successful when you sell to a human being. Us humans are complicated creatures, however we all have emotions and desires that us sales people should use our questioning and listening skills to discover their needs and wants.

If you sell to the human, you will win, no matter what!
Perhaps it is time to throw away these terms of B2B and B2C and remember that we always, no matter what, selling H2H (human to human).

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