Why Saying ‘No’ in Sales Can Be Good…

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Do you sometimes feel like you are a ‘yes man’? Constantly agreeing to the customers’ demands and saying YES to everything they ask and demand?

Then stop!

Of course, it can be really tempting to say yes to everything the customer asks for but what happens in the long run if you agree to something that you simply cannot offer, or if you have no experience in that offering; over time you are only going to ruin customer confidence and destroy your businesses reputation.

The same can be said when it comes to price reductions or discounts. Are you offering too many discounts on your products or services because you are scared of saying no? Not only can this damage your profit margins but can also devalue your product or service and can really harm your credibility.

So next time you feel you want to say yes, and to agree to every single one of your customers’ demands ask yourself this; will I be able to keep up with what it is I am offering? Will you end up devaluing or harming your product, your service, or your business.

You really do not want to be seen as just a ‘yes man’. You want to be seen as someone whom is respected by your customer and someone who will work hard to develop a long-lasting business relationship with them – which in turn will help you to see a higher return in sales.

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