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Why You Should Use Humour in Sales

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There is no greater feeling than making someone smile.

Or at least I like to think so.

Since a young age all I have wanted to do was tell jokes, and to make people smile and laugh. There is no greater feeling.

And I am strong believer that my strong sense of humour has really allowed me to develop my sales skills and to become a great sales person. I am confident that you too develop a good sense of humour you too can see an increase in your sales.

You do not have to be the class clown all the time. Nor do you have to become a bit of a joker. And you should always remember the need to ensure your jokes are told in the right audience and at the right settings! NEVER look to belittle people, your competition, or look to cause upset to anyone. The best person you can ever look to make fun of is yourself!

But by having a sense of humour and looking to spread smiles wherever you go you will see an increase in you and your teams’ sales; and here are three reasons why it can really benefit you.


By having a sense of humour, you are going to break down the barriers that your prospect may have put up to protect themselves from sleazy sales people.

We all like people who make us smile, and even laugh. It makes us more personable and allows us the chance to form solid relationships. Studies have proven that humour can help you to be more persuasive because it mentally disarms people.

We all know that if a prospect becomes more comfortable with you, you will have a greater chance of either getting the sale, or a greater chance of having that individual opening up more to you to allow you to question deeper.


Working in sales is very stressful indeed; and those that say it isn’t aren’t working hard enough.

Humour can help us to cope with stress which in turn helps to reduce risks of heart problems, and mental health issues.

If your team is laughing, smiling, and learning to poke fun at the stresses and challenges work throws at you, then you are only going to be able to perform better thus helping you to see an increase in your sales.


And let’s not forget about you. You too need social interaction, and you also need to smile more. In doing so you will find yourself to become more effective at work and efficient and you will enjoy what you do; which in turn will shine through on to your prospects and give them the chance to rest easy in your presence.

So there you have it. Three simple reasons why you should try to implement humour into your sales process. Don’t think that you always have to be super serious and boring in the way you talk or write to people! Stand out from the crowd. Make people laugh. Make people smile. And ultimately, use humour to allow you to enjoy what you do.

We spend a lot of time of our lives working; make sure you do it with a smile on your face!

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