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A New Mini Series | How To Use Business Facebook Groups Effectively


We are starting a new mini series over on our YouTube channel that will be dedicated to showcasing what not to do in online networking groups. The intentions of the series will be presenting how to make Facebook Groups most effective, by ruling out things that should not be happening within a networking group. The series will be based around the idea of 7 Deadly Sins that should not be present in an online networking group. The aim is to re – evaluate the meaning of networking and to highlight all the incorrect ways to use it, in the hope that people will stop and form a more supportive and welcoming community. Each of the 7 videos, as well as this introduction, will have a blog post coinciding it.

The majority of this advice we have put together from first hand experience. As the operators of The Leicestershire Business Network Group we see first hand what goes on in online networking groups; we see what works, and what doesn’t work. We want to help YOU as a business owner, entrepreneur, or professional to make the most of this networking time so that you actually see a difference to your business development.

These 7 Deadly Sins are simple things that all of us have been guilty of at some point. However the sooner we recognise these ‘sins’, and put a top to them and correct our behaviour the better!

So without further hesitation, here are our 7 Deadly Sins of Online Networking:

  • Constantly Selling –

To constantly sell portrays a very shallow image of yourself therefore other members of the group will start to ignore your posts and can create a mislead purpose of the group by stimulating others post the same content.

  • Ignoring Engagement –

Not engaging with other members of the group will result in people being unaware of who you are and why you are in the group. The main purpose of networking is to introduce like minded businesses and to support one another.

  • Avoiding Face to Face Events –

By not attending physical networking events that come up, you are suggesting that you are only a part of the networking group to sell and to benefit your own business and that you aren’t interested in helping others.

  • Always Taking 

If someone was to offer you advice out of generosity time and time again, but you never return the favour, the other person will eventually stop engaging with you and this will create a negative relationship between the two members and possibly the two businesses.

  • Using it as a space to voice personal opinions in spite of other businesses –

Occasionally business owners and entrepreneurs can put out very strong minded opinions, which can generate a negative atmosphere within the group. This can make it an unpleasant place for people to be.

  • Giving Up Too Easy –

Networking takes time, you won’t learn a thousand things and connect with a hundred people over night. Bonds don’t form automatically, they require trust and consistency which is what the networking events provide opportunity for.

  • Showing no appreciation –

It is always disheartening when making an effort to help someone, to gain no form of appreciation in return. This dominantly happens in networking which then leads to no one wanting to share advice to that specific person anymore.

As mentioned earlier, the 7 Deadly Sins mini series has been created to raise awareness of what not to do in a networking group and to make it the most effective source of networking for you and to help you make the most out of it!

Be sure to find out more by watching the video below and keep an eye out weekly for the next installments!


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