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A Simple Tip to Handle Sales Rejection


We all know that rejection comes hand-in-hand with sales.

If you work in sales, you will get rejected more often than not; it is the nature of the beast. And the ability to overcome rejection, and to handle rejection, is what makes superior sales people stand out from the weaker sales people.

Weak sales people will suffer some form of rejection will just give up. They will be told ‘no’ by their prospect, and so they walk away. They will receive an email stating that their services will not be required and so they do not respond to the email right away. They have the phone put down on them and they shrivel down in their chair into a constant state of despair.

Whereas the leading sales people of the world know how to handle rejection. Sure, even the best of the best sales people in the world get rejected more often than not, and yet they know how to turn that rejection around and how to handle it to position themselves to get a sale potentially again in the future.

So, if you truly want to see an increase in your sales and to see your revenue then you really need to get used to handling rejection.

And let me share with you one simple tip on how to do this that you can take away with you today and start using;

Leave a window open!

One of the worst things you can do when facing some form of rejection is to shut the relationship down and to ignore your prospect. This is a big no-no!

Let’s say for arguments sake you have been working on a big deal for quite some time and the prospect emails you and states they have decided to go with a competitor. In this instance you have two options:

1) Delete the email, or reply quite negatively, or simply ignore the email.

2) Or, you can respond and leave the window open.

“Of course, I am glad you have got it all sorted out. Of course, if you need any further help, support or advice you know where I am. I will get back in touch with you in a few months to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Surely that is a bit of a better way to respond as opposed to throwing your toys out of the pram and damaging a good and strong relationship. For all you know, your competitor could mess up or do something wrong. And if this happens, who do you want your prospect to turn to next? You of course!

So next time you face rejection, leave a window open. Agree to a recall date. Agree a follow up meeting. Offer your help or support. Do all you can to let your prospect know that you are there for them as and when they need you; it could be sooner than you think.

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