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The Art of the Conversation


If you ever write content for social media or for other online platforms, you will know that all everyone ever talks about is the relevant algorithms that you need to ‘beat’ in order to get your content noticed.

But do not get sucked into writing to please algorithms, keywords and hashtags instead of remembering who you are truly trying to write and engage with; a human being.

I see it all too often; a business outsourcing their social media accounts to a digital marketing agency and then seeing posts that are written so poorly just to try to fit around hashtags and relevant keywords.

Do not fall into that trap.

Remember, social media is just an extension to a normal conversation you would have with an old friend on a park bench, or down the aisle of a supermarket. When you converse with someone, you don’t talk TO them, and you do not highlight keywords to suit your agenda; you converse, you ask questions and you enjoy a conversation with that person.

The same should be done for all of your social media posts and also your online content to.

Before you write anything, ask yourself this: is this something I would say in a conversation? Or am I just typing these words to please a computer?

Remember; any content you are putting out there in the online realm will be read by a human, and your next customer. So, do not be afraid to include humour, emotion, and conversation. There are bigger things in life right now than having to worry about algorithms and keywords and all that malarkey. Do not allow these technological terms put you off from having a real conversation and to enjoy writing great content!

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