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Asking for Sales Referrals

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Word of mouth; the number one source of business for many sales people and businesses over the years.

We all know that word of mouth is amazing at helping businesses to grow; but is there anything you can do to encourage word of mouth, and to actually help you get the upper hand on this tactic?

Yes! Ask for referrals.

If you are not asking your current clients for referrals, then you are simply neglecting a whole database full of potential customers that may want to buy from you.

There are so many reasons why people choose not to ask for referrals. Sometimes, they are thought of as being second-best to other marketing and sales channels. For some people, they have always wanted to ask for referrals but haven’t come up with a solid process or structure on how to do it. And for many, it just hasn’t occurred to them to ask!

But overall, it is so vital you start to ask your current clients and past clients for referrals. Referrals benefit from social proof, and a lot of the trust building that you will do in your sales process is already done for you; we do like to trust our friends’ recommendations don’t we!

Here are some simple and easy tips to help you ask for referrals, and how to make them effective for your business!

Time it Right

You always want to ask for a referral when you have worked with and benefited your customer, and when they are happy with the service you are providing. The last thing you want to do is to ask for a referral at the very early stages of the original sales process or when the relationship is in its early stages.

Be Grateful

Always be willing to reward and thank any successful referrals. Your customer deserves to be thanked and this can always encourage them to give more! It could be a card, a gift card, or some other form of gift; whatever you choose! As long as you are grateful and are willing to reciprocate.

Set up a Process

For many, asking for referrals is tough because they are not in the habit of doing so. If this is the case, set up a part of the sales process in which you or your team MUST ask for referrals – and track it and reward those that are doing so. Over time, it will become part of a habit that everyone will fall into.

Highlight the Link

Of course, the social proof, or trust, in your referral will only be there if you mention it. Be willing to name drop where appropriate: “hi Rosie, Rob said I should call you as he uses our services and he reckons you could benefit from them too.” This will underline the trust and enforce the social proof.

Ultimately, if you are not asking for referrals then you are missing a whole pot of people and potential sales! So stop reading this article, and start to go through your little black book; you might be surprised at how successful it can become!

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