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For many, knowing when to close the sale is crucial. If we look to close the sale too early and the customer isn’t ready, it can really trip us sales people up. If we try to close the sale after the customer is ready to buy, we could have scared the customer away, turned them off, and they might have lost all interest.

Therefore it is so important to know when the customer is ready to buy!

Now, unless you are Mystic Meg, you won’t know exactly when your customer is ready to buy – but there are some clues you can look out for. These are called buying signals. If the customer is ready to buy, they will give you these buying signals which allows you to go in for a test close, or even for a full on close!

Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands of buying signals – and of course each of these will differ from person to person and from scenario to scenario; however I have noted down four of the biggest signals to look out for. If you notice these happen to you during a sales pitch; get ready to close!

Repeating Benefits

What you will notice is that if a customer is really in awe of a benefit of your product or service, they will repeat back to you the benefit in the hope that you validate it. For arguments sake, let’s say your new phone system comes with a two-year guarantee at no extra price, and with only a set-up fee of £100, you may notice your prospect saying;

“So, to confirm, if I sign up, I pay £100 and that includes the two-year guarantee?”

This is your buyer looking to validate the information. If this happens, confirm and validate the information, finish presentation and go ahead and ask for the sale.

Price/Price Plans

Don’t worry; if a prospect asks about price, discounts, or even price plans, it doesn’t mean that they are put off or are not interested. In fact, it can be quite the latter. It means in their head they can already see the purchase being made – they just now need to confirm pricing. If this happens, be firm, be willing to answer any questions, and then look to push the sale forward.


This is a classic non-verbal buying signal. If you see your prospect nodding along with what you are saying, then the likelihood of it is they really like what you are pitching and are ready to buy. If you see this happening a lot during your sales pitch or presentation look to close things up. The last thing you want to do in this situation is to overdo things and bore your prospect to tears.


Of course, your prospect agreeing to a sale is a given; a clear and full indication that they want to buy. But if they do verbally say yes, look to do all you can to sign them up, take a deposit, or do anything you can to fully ensure that the sale is closed. Any hesitation can lead to desire dropping off or even buyer’s remorse down the line.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many buying signals out there but these four should give you a starting point. This is why it is so important for you to listen, remain attentive, and be willing to adapt your sales pitch whenever you notice these buying signals.

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