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Do THIS Before Your Next Sales Meeting

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One of the worst habits any sales person, or business owner, can get into is to just ‘wing it’.

They have spent lots of money on marketing, time trying to get to the decision maker, and when it comes to the main meeting or presentation, they just decide to ‘wing it’. And you do you know what happens to those that take this approach?

They fail.

Failure to prepare is simply preparing to fail – remember?

It is a common curse that many sales people get into but I can assure you that if you start to prepare for everything you do in the sales process you will see an increase in your sales.

Even if it is the first cold email you send – prepare.

The first cold call? Prepare.

The first coffee meeting? Prepare!

The final meeting with the board of directors? PREPARE!!!

You can see the common theme here that I am trying to get across right?

It is such a simple tip for me to try to tell you to implement but in doing so you will see a massive increase in your conversion rates.

“How do I prepare?” I hear you ask!

Understand your offering

You may think you know it all about your products and your business and your offering; but do you REALLY know it all?

Never walk into a meeting without knowing all the answers your customer might ask you. Sure, this takes time and lot of experience, but will your prospect have confidence in you if you cannot answer questions about whatever it is you are selling?

The same can be said for your business? If your customer wants to know about the hygiene ratings of your company kitchens you should damn know that! It may seem quizzical to you, but to them it could be the thing that makes or breaks the sale. 

Think about stock levels, ordering times, finance options!

Understand your prospect

Your prospect shouldn’t have to waste too much time having to explain things to you that you can find easily on the internet, or through their business’ marketing channels. Sure, it is good to ask prospect lots of questions to get to the nitty gritty but make sure you do some research beforehand.

Understand your meeting

There is nothing worse than not taking the time to understand the local roads around a meeting place, parking arrangements, and anything that may affect you getting to the location on time and in one piece.

Plan out your route, understand where you are going to park, or the train times, and make sure you have a back-up plan if you need to. The last thing you or your client wants is for you to be late!

The chances of you making the sale at any point in the sales process will be increased if you plan, prepare, and get ready!

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