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What a Cat Taught me about Sales

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Quite recently, I brought home a little kitten; Jax.

In fact, some of you may have seen Jax make some cheeky appearances on our Sales Snippets (be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have yet to do so!) and so many people have been crying to see Jax feature in her very own Sales Snippet!

And that my friends is what inspired me to make this blog. You see, the more I started to think about it all and the more I let my imagination run wild the more I could see that cats would make for perfect sales people. Well, not sales people as such; Sales Animals I guess.

In-fact, if we all sat back and watched and observed cats for a little amount of time, we would soon see that there is a lot to learn from cats if we want to improve our sales. But don’t worry, if you aren’t sad like me and don’t have the time to watch cats then I thought I should give you three lessons we can all learn from our cute little furry (and sometimes aggressive) companions.


Sure, apart from a proportion, cats are normally very friendly. They are highly inquisitive and always want to get to know the new guests of the house, and always want to explore new surroundings. They don’t prejudice, nor do they exclude. They will hop on the lap of anyone and listen intently to what is being said.

And surely that is something us sales people should always look to do too? We should be inquisitive, and of course we should always listen. Perhaps we shouldn’t jump on the laps of our prospects and our customers, but we should certainly look to make connections and meet as many new people as possible!


Cats love to hunt. They are born within an instinct in them that allows them to know how to stalk, hunt, and gather food. They know that scrumptious little mice aren’t going to come to them; they have to go to find the mouse!

Sales people are hunters too. It is very rare that a big sale will just walk into our lap. And when it does, we still need to do some hard work to close that sale and to service the client. We as sales people must get out there and hunt down more customers! We have to stalk! We have to watch! And we have to pounce!


According to scientific reports, and by watching my kitten, we know that cats are very spontaneous. They do what they want, when they want. They don’t book out a certain time of the day to go out into the big wide world. Nor do they sit around waiting for meetings! They follow their instinct, and do what they want to do, and when they want to do it!

As too should us sales people. Sure, we do need to book some time out from time to time but if we sit back and get into too much of a habit of routine then we are always going to struggle to go above and beyond for our clients and to catch them off guard.

So, there we have it; three simple lessons that my cat taught me about sales. Perhaps there are a lot more! But these three seem like the key to me.

And I am certain that if you as a sales person can remember to be friendly, be willing to hunt, and be willing to remain spontaneous in some situations you will see an increase in your sales!

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