Five Ways to Increase Revenue at Your Martial Arts Gym

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Every business in the world is always looking to increase sales and to generate more revenue, and your martial arts gym will be no different. Although owning a martial arts gym can be a passion for many, trying to ensure a high revenue stream can at times be tough; especially when it comes to the important factor of cash flow.

Of course, one key way to get more paying customers through your doors and onto your gym mats! If you aren’t telling people about how great and amazing your martial arts club is, and why it would benefit them, then how will they know to visit you?

In this short article, we share with you our top five most simple ways for you to market your martial arts gym and to get more customers!

Leaflet Dropping

Of course, the likelihood is that many people who will potentially use your gym will be within your local community. Leaflet dropping can be an effective way to get your message across to your potential audience.

Be wary however; as you are only targeting people in your area, and not people whom have shown an interest in martial arts there may be quite a bit of wasted budget however it is certainly worth trying!

Facebook Ads

Now Facebook ads takes the above theories and makes them a little better. Let’s face it, everyone is on Facebook these days. Not only that, they check Facebook many times a day. So by using this social media platform to get your message across you can be sure that you are getting infront of an active and attentive crowd.

Plus, the ability to really set your targeting can work wonders. Not only can you target certain areas that are close to your gym, you can target people that may have shown an interest in martial arts before or have shown interests in other gyms and staying healthy. This way, you will know for sure that you are targeting the right people.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the planet, and it is a platform that you should not underestimate. Not only that, but with video being the most sought-after form of content around, your target audience could very much be willing to create.

Why not create tutorial videos on losing weight? Or perhaps how to pull off certain martial art moves etc? Grow your audience and grow your channel and soon people will come to you.

Charity/Local Event

Perhaps an older idea, but one that still works! Invite everyone in your local community to a family fun day at your gym. Not only can you raise money for charity and to get the community together, but you allow for the chance to show off your facilities and people whom have always wanted to have a nosey around can have the chance to do so in a non-pressured environment.


Whenever someone comes into contact with your business and your gym, be sure to keep hold their details (but be sure to meet all the rules for GDPR!) This way you can retarget and try to sell to people long after they have walked out of your doors.

So, with this in mind, why not send an email out to you current members and offer a referral fee for every one of their friends that come along and sign up? Or, send out a free month’s membership to members who haven’t visited you in a while? With our system, the only limitation to your marketing is your imagination.

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