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Top Eight Office Pranks to Lighten the Mood

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We all work really hard. Days are long, workloads are getting tougher, deadlines are getting shorter, and we find ourselves sitting in our offices for longer than we care to admit.

But we have to be honest; sitting in an office for so long can not only encourage cabin fever, but it can also leave us feeling grouchy, moody, and sometimes under-productive.

Sometimes, nothing beats breaking up the day than a good laugh with your colleagues and your peers. It can help to lighten the mood, encourage teamwork to some degree, and can also encourage a more creative and productive spark in the long run.  

In this article, allow us to share with you our Top Eight Office Pranks to Lighten the Mood which you can use either with, or on, your colleagues when you are back in the office!

Of course we must be sensible for a moment and lay-down some ground rules; we don’t want to be brought up in a law-suit for encouraging  foul play! But, if taking part in any of these pranks, or any you think of yourself, be sure to not destroy any property, don’t injure anyone, don’t cross the line, and don’t cause major disruptions.

There we are. Are legal team have checked over the above paragraph and we should be covered. Let the fun commence!

Family Photo Swap

Many people like to keep family photos on their desks; frames filled full of memories with loved ones.

Well why not change the family photos to photos of celebrities, film-stars or musicians – sometimes, the weirder the better! Sit back and wait to see how long it takes for them to notice.

Fake Computer Update

Want to frustrate your colleagues and make them think their computer is stuck in a never-ending update? Fakeupdate.net is home to realistic looking update animations that will have your target smashing their screen in frustration. Progress bars never reach the end and will portray the ‘blue screen of death’!

The Hidden Box

Old but gold!

Find a selection of boxes and leave them somewhere near your victim’s office; try to make it look like someone has made a delivery in the wrong place. Hide amongst the boxes, or in one if you can, and get ready to pounce when your colleague walks by. Hide a camera to capture the scare for maximum effect.

Screen Flip

How annoying would it be to go for a break, or a coffee, and to come back to find your screen has flipped upside down?

When your target is away from their desk, hit control+alt+F1 to flip their screen over! If using a mac, go to system preferences, click the displays tab, and then choose 180-degree screen rotation (if using an external display). The watch with glee as your target try’s to figure out what has happened!

Faulty Mouse

This is a very simple one!

Cover up the sensor on the bottom of your target’s mouse (a note admitting the prank works well). Your target will have no idea why their mouse is not working until they flip the hardware over!

Foil Me Up!

If you have the time and the patience, (you may need some help on this one) grab a few rolls of tin foil and wrap everything up on your target’s desk! Monitors, keyboards, pictures, the desk itself perhaps! Anything you can lay your hands on will do the trick nicely!

The Mystery Paperclip

Want to fool your colleagues into thinking they have left a paperclip on their important documents?

Place a paperclip on the scanner-bed (in a place where you would expect a paperclip) and make some copies. Put the copies back in the paper tray.

Now, whenever anyone copies anything they will see the rogue paperclip on their paper! And sit back and watch in awe as your team members try to figure out what on earth has happened!

The Mini-Desk

People can become quite protective and guarded over their desks; they become an extension on our lives to some degree.

Go to a toy shop and buy a child’s toy desk and swap your victim’s desk with the mini-desk. Try to go for a young looking colourful desk perhaps! This will certainly cause a laugh amongst the office!

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