Five Ways to Prospect for More Sales


Five Tips for Prospecting for more Sales

We talk about prospecting a lot. We all know that to see an increase in your sales, and to see your business succeed then then you need to keep your sales pipeline full; and the only way to do this is to dedicate time daily to prospect for new business!

Now, prior to contrary belief, this does not mean scrolling through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the hope of finding  someone wanting to do business with you. Prospecting is a task that requires time, dedication and skill.

Are you sitting around wanting more business to come your way? Allow me to share with you five simple resources you can tap into to support your prospecting!

1) Old Clients

Every single business, no matter how big or small has a database of old clients all of whom have used your products or services before. These are an ideal crowd to sell to; they already are qualified, and there should be a relationship already developed with them. So get on the phone, re-invigorate that business relationship and see if there is more business to be had!

2) Your Circles

I bet my bottom dollar that you have a circle of friends and associates around you that you have had some form of contact with in the past; be it at a networking event, or just in passing. Normally these are people whom you have gathered their business cards and not really done anything with them. Now is the time to start some crucial conversations! Your circles and your network could be holding your next big sale.

3) Cold-Calling

Cold-Calling is not as scary as you may think (and if you are really worried, the team here at Paragon Sales Solutions will be more than happy to help you!) But really, cold-calling is still the number one way to find new leads. You can start a conversation, develop a desire and start developing a strong business relationship with real businesses. Do not neglect the telephone when it comes to your prospecting time.

4) Asking for referrals

Coming back to what we said earlier about your own circles and networks, this can be extended out into your clients and customers too! Everyone whom has ever done business with you will have their own network of people who will potentially want to do business with you. And with your client on side, you could be given a referral that leads to your biggest sale. If you do not ask, you do not get! So call through your current clients and see if they know anyone who could use your products or services!

5) Add on Sales

And whilst you are calling through your current clients and customers, is there anything else they could potentially buy from you? Do you have any other products or services you feel they could benefit from? Keep your radar open and look for additional sales that can be had.

Ultimately, we all need to prospect to see our sales pipeline full up full of potential deals all waiting to be had; if we do not prospect, our sales will always miss the target. Use the above tips in your business day and see an increase in your sales!

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