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Multi-tasking can be quite efficient for certain job roles and for certain tasks. However, can multi-tasking be quite detrimental for sales professionals.

I see it all too often; a sales professional with a million and one tabs open on their browser, emails being replied one by one as they come on, text messages being answered, and phone calls being answered.

It really sounds quite messy.

And for some, it can be quite effective. However, it can soon become a downward spiral towards a messy process that does not seem to have a start or a finish. And before long, this can lead to individuals to end a day without feeling like they have achieved anything and feeling lost.

So, here is my challenge to you as sales people or business owners:

Try setting certain time aside for certain tasks per day. Ignore all distractions. And focus on one thing at a time.

One thing that this works really well for is prospecting. If you set yourself an hour or two hours a day to prospect, and you just spend that time devoted to that activity you will not only see that your sales pipeline fills up very fast, but you also find that the quality of prospects goes up too as you have more time to focus on their needs and develop relationships.

It sounds scary right but turn your mobile off. Turn off your email notifications. And just focus on one thing at a time. It is amazing how we have all become slaves to notifications and emails and yet when we take a little while to respond, nothing bad happens.

The same ethos can be put towards your follow up calls. Or your quoting and proposal writing too. Just focus on one task at a time, add structure to your day and knuckle down.

It is far more effective to work smarter and to not run around like a busy fool; trust me.

Give it a try for yourself and let me know how you get on. I am confident that your sales will see a natural increase just by using this simple but effective tip!

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