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How Much Time Do You Allocate To Selling?

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Are you wasting too much time on activities that takes you away from selling?

Selling is a key activity in any business. If you are in business, if you are a business owner then you too are a sales person. I talk about this a lot but if you are not selling anything, then you are not operating a business. And this is the same on the flip side; if you are a sales professional and you earn a commission for the sales you make then you too are a business owner. They both work in tandem.

Judging by statistics released in 2018 you may be alarmed to read that so many sales professionals get caught up in activities that do not generate revenue. Nearly two thirds (64.8%) of sales reps time on average is spent doing the mundane work behind the scenes – admin mostly! Only 35.2% of their time is then spent doing sales related activities. Ie, getting in front of their customer and making a sale!

The same could be said for some business owners too – in particular the small to medium enterprises and sole traders.

There are so many activities that need to be completed by businesses that sometimes the actual selling time, the time that is going to make you the most amount of money, is somehow neglected over the sending of emails, catching up on paperwork, talking to colleagues etc.

There is a reason I am sharing this with you today. I work with many businesses all of whom want to increase their sales. Who doesn’t?! Whether you are a sales professional selling on behalf of a company, or you in fact own a company, why not use a stopwatch application and time how long you spend talking to prospective customers and engaging in activities that involve selling? You may be surprised how low this figure actually is. Then, why not look to increase that time day by day and see what happens to your sales?

I can guarantee to you that your sales will increase quite rapidly by just small changes made in how you manage your time.

Can your emails wait until the last thing at night? Do you really need to check Facebook again? Do you need to talk to your colleague about Love Island? Can your sales reports and analytics not wait until your customers leave their offices and clock off for the day?

Sure they can. Get in front of your customers more and you will see a massive increase in your sales!


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