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How to Beat The Gatekeeper

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One of the toughest tasks any sales person will ever face is trying to beat the gatekeeper. You ask any sales person, veteran or rookie, the gatekeeper can be one of the toughest challenges one must face before making a sale.

But if you manage to beat the gatekeeper, trying to obtain a sale suddenly becomes a little easier.

Before we go on, let’s just backtrack ever so slightly; who is the gatekeeper?

Put very simply, the gatekeeper is the person that sits between you and the decision maker. Whether you are trying to reach the decision maker via phone, or even in person, this gatekeeper person is the one who is normally your first contact with a business, and will have the power to hang up on you, or to send you packing.

Gatekeepers across the world have become the main failing point for sales people over the years, and in this article, I want to share with you some ideas on how you can finally beat the gatekeeper, and get in front of the decision maker that you have been chasing for so long.

Be Respectful

You must always remember that a gatekeeper is a human being. They are someone’s dad, mum, sister, brother, friend. They aren’t a gangling beast that stands guard in Hogwarts; they are just an individual doing their job. As you would expect respect, so too does this person.

Some sales trainers go on about tricks and techniques that help you to lie and manipulate your way past these people – but is that how you want to start a working business relationship with a customer? I can tell you now, if I found out a potential new supplier lied or showed a lack of respect to any of my team members I would not be happy in the slightest.

So instead of trying to rush past this person, treat them with respect. Be friendly. Be polite. For all you know, the person answering the phone or opening the door could be best friends with the person you are trying to sell to.

Be Authoritative

Take some time before any sales call, whether it be via telephone or face to face, researching your prospect and gain confidence in what it is they do. The more confident you feel, the more authority you will show when you are on the call. Gatekeepers are seasoned pros at sniffing out pesky sales people that are just trying to make a quick buck. So change your approach, and become more confident in who you are, and the gatekeeper will be able to sense this and may be a little more open to hearing you out.

Skip a Step

Times have changed dramatically with the advent of new technologies and new ways of contact. If you are really struggling to get past the gatekeeper, ask yourself this: Do I really need to interact with this person?

Take LinkedIn for example, LinkedIn now allows you the chance to initiate direct contact with any one you choose. Of course, we advise that you do not jump straight into a sales pitch, but if acted out in the right way, you can soon nurture a business relationship that could flourish into a sale.

Make them a Fan

In my professional opinion, the gatekeeper can be the most important person in a business. They are normally the ones whom are privy to a lot of sensitive information, have contact with important and powerful people, and quite literally hold the key to where you need to go. So why not get them on side?

Develop a relationship with these people. Allow them to try your samples. Get them involved in the sales process. Give them credit for their involvement. If you can get the gatekeeper on your side, they may just become the insider and a great sales assistant to have on your side.

We have done a lot of work on the past on gatekeepers. If you are struggling to beat the gatekeeper, be sure to read our blogs on our website, our vlogs on YouTube, or contact us for one to one training and support.

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