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Using Networking to Build Your Sales Pipeline

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So, you need to develop a sales pipeline?

Doing so organically means less financial investment and much more authenticity and longevity within the relationships you build.

However, you do need to commit time and patience to build a solid network in this way. Here are our 5 top tips to use networking for longer term sales opportunities.

  • It’s a Numbers Game

Always remember that the concept of sales is a numbers game.

Although it can sometimes seem no one is interested in your services, stay strong and visible.

Consequently, over time, you will start to see results. The more people get to know you, the more likely there is of securing them as clients.

Therefore, keep focused on widening your network and reach out to as many people as you can. 

  • Meet Up

It’s an old adage but holds very true: people buy from people.

As such, it’s critical to show your personality. For instance, don’t assume that professionalism means being distant or not showing any humour.

Whilst it makes sense to be polite and courteous, it’s equally important to show your human side.

Moreover, ensure you build relationships as you would in your social life. In these strange COVID times, it’s obviously difficult to meet in person but as early as possible, get out there and meet people, face to face.

Make an effort to get to know people better; have a coffee and listen to their pain points.

Consequently, you’ll be in the best position to ultimately give them the required solution!

  • Social Media

Whilst you’ll be brimming over with the services you can offer, don’t make any social media posts ‘salesy’.

Although it’s tempting, it turns people off immediately. For example, prospective clients are more likely to engage if you demonstrate your personality and interests.

Similarly, they will respond better if you post on a wide range of topics.

Here, LinkedIn is an amazing platform for reaching literally millions of prospects but do so wisely. Build relationships slowly and don’t ever send a sales pitch the moment someone connects. 

  • Slow Build

Develop relationships as you would in your day to day life. For instance, you wouldn’t meet someone in a bar and ask them to marry you on your first date!

Therefore, move slowly.

Furthermore, be interested, likeable and approachable and it will bring its own rewards.

  • Friends of Friends

Always remember too, even if someone you network with has no need for your services, they have friends, family and associates who might.

So, building relationships with all types of people can not only enhance your life but also bring clients to your door.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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