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How to Close More Sales!

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Every sales person, business owner and entrepreneur wants to close more sales.

Let’s face it, it is the closing of sales that not only makes us money, but finalises the solution for our customer, and is what we are ultimately judged on.

Now if you are reading this brief article, you may be looking to close more sales! Which is fantastic – that is what we are all looking for really, right?

However be warned, this article will not include and dated ‘hard-core closing techniques’. Nor will it teach you, or talk about any mind games or manipulation techniques to help you close sales. This article just includes two of the most simple tips I can think of that will help you to close more sales in an ethical and efficient way.

So without further adue; are you looking to close more sales? Read on!

Take The Next Steps

From training, coaching, and observing sales people around the world, one thing that becomes very obvious is that some forget to communicate well enough with their prospect or customer to take the next steps.

The best sales people in the world, and those that close the most sales are always looking and agreeing with the prospect on what the next steps in the sales process could be. This could be agreeing for a proposal to be sent, or for another meeting to occur. It could be agreeing to have a phone call within the next 7 days, or could simply be agreeing to doing more research into the problem you are trying to solve.

Don’t ever leave anything up in the air. After every meeting, phone call, or even email, look to agree on what the next steps should be with your prospect. Make it clear with your prospect what you would like to do, and why, and when. Agree this with the prospect and make it happen!

Ask For The Sale

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing that the reason a person isn’t closing more sales is because of the fact they simply are not asking for the sale.

Despite what the sales gurus of the world say, or want you to believe, closing a sales is simply asking for it.

Once again, have you ever just sent over a proposal or quote to a prospect and then never asked for the sale? Many of us have done this, myself included. But the only way you are going to truly make more sales is by asking for the sale and looking to take the next steps.

If you do not ask, you do not get.

So although this article was short, it has been intended to give you some tips and advice on what you need to do to close more sales. I have every faith that be implementing the above two tips into your sales conversations you will see you sales increase!

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