How to Overcome Sales Objections

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Close your eyes for a second and imagine a sales person’s ideal world; a world in which every prospect is willing to buy, and no one ever turns down a sale.

Ha, let’s face it, that is never going to happen!

When selling, you are always going to face some kind of rejection or objection. You are always going to come across prospects whom will have a rebuttal for you and are willing to put you down and walk away from all of your hard work.

We have done a lot of work on objections in the past. Although we aren’t going to go into specific objections today, what we are going to explore is a simple set of steps that you can inherit and use when faced with any objection.

If you feel you need help with specific types of objections, or need help with overcoming certain objections please do look at our other blogs and vlogs on the matter. We have endless amounts of support resources to help you with this!

Or, why not buy one of our books on sales which can be found HERE and are full of useful information on how to overcome objections. Or failing all of that, why not just drop us an email or a call, and we will work closely with you personally.

Back to overcoming sales objections:

The following basic step process will help you to understand your prospects needs in more detail, and will help you to overcome many an objection that is thrown your way:

Listen Up

It can be very easy to hear objections from your prospect and to just walk away – no one ever likes to be rejected, but it is so important to stand strong and to look to question the sales objection.

The first step is to sit back and to digest every that your prospect tells you. There is a strong chance that by listening you will be able to anticipate potential objections before they occur.

The best thing you can do as a sales person is to just sit back, and to listen. Give your prospect the chance to express any concerns they have in full; don’t try to jump in. This will allow you to come across as genuine with your prospect and will allow you a greater chance of closing the sale later on.

Get to the Bottom of It

We are all complex creatures, and sometimes things can be misconstrued or misunderstood. Therefore it is now important at this step to paraphrase your prospect’s concerns to demonstrate that you understand their objection. This is now your chance to come uncover exactly what it is your prospect is objecting and will now allow you the chance to plan out the next step.

Come Back

No matter what you think, your prospects concerns are always valid; even if you personally disagree. You really need to prove to your prospect that you are taking their objection seriously.

Use this time to ensure that you are dealing with the objection seriously, and that you will do all you can to have the relevant answers for them in the near future if you don’t have them to hand.


Now is the time to once again go over the objection, and confirm that you can overcome it; and thus in doing so, your prospect would be willing to continue with the purchase.

There are always times when prospects simply won’t buy, and will make up objections as excuses as to why they won’t buy. However, it is so important that you use this four-step process to question the objection, and you will find yourself overcoming more and more sales objections and ultimately closing more sales too.

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