Niche Business Awards | Congratulations to the Finalists

Niche finalists

On Monday night, the finalists of the Niche Business Awards were announced!

We are thrilled to see so many amazing businesses get through to the finals and we are looking forward to seeing who the winners will be.

As ambassadors of the Niche Business awards we support everyone who has got this far and of course those that will go on even further in the process. The whole team at Paragon Sales Solutions are so excited to attend the awards ceremony that hopefully will go ahead this year.

In fact, we have heard from Cross Productions that host the Niche Business awards, that the intentions are to go ahead with the awards in September. However, there are some emergency dates in place just in case of any inconveniences that may step in the way of the event.

Most importantly, on behalf of Paragon Sales Solutions and the entire team we send a huge well done and congratulations to not only the finalists who will get the chance to progress further, but all the businesses that made it to the semi-finalists and those that were initially nominated!

We are big believers in that the Leicestershire business community is one of true solidarity. The whole community spirit between the business network amongst the whole county is honestly remarkable. We truly believe that this is what plays a huge part in the success rates of the local businesses. The support from like minded individuals and companies around you makes the world of difference in your attitude towards your working life and to the success rates within it.

Paragon has been involved with the Niche business awards for three years now, first year getting nominated for various awards, second year getting all the way to the finals and this year becoming ambassadors and semi-finalists. We can be confident in saying that it is a pleasure to be a part of something so amazing that offers no-end of business opportunities and the chance to celebrate all that hard work.

We have witnessed how incredible these awards are and in fact, just how fundamental they are within the business community. They offer an opportunity for local businesses to come together, support one another and most importantly celebrate each others dedication and success. To show recognition and appreciation within the business community is so important to give that vital reminder that those long hours and hard work has been noticed and is cared about greatly!

We cannot wait to see you all there on the night, be sure to keep a look out on cross productions and all social media platforms for details on when and how to order your tickets. If you do see any of our team on the night be sure to come over and say hello, it would be lovely to share a drink together and have a good chat with you.

We wish you all the best of luck with the finals!

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